Monday, June 18, 2012

One week in...

Emma Stiles Talley
Born June 10, 2012
6 lbs 15 oz
Honestly, I have no idea where this child got her hair!  If I had not been there for the whole "experience," I would have thought they had mixed her up with someone else's child in the nursery!  She is a very good baby, and only fusses when hungry.  No one could have ever prepared me for all the emotions you experience after meeting this little nugget.  If you think pregnancy hormones are bad, just wait!  It has been tough, I will admit.  And breastfeeding (world's most natural thing) is NOT easy.  That has been one of the biggest challenges so far. We are working on it, and if we don't get it, then that's fine.  She won't love me any less or be any less healthy if I have to supplement formula. 

For those wondering, my labor was ok.  I say ok, because truly, I am forgetting some parts of it already.  My water broke Saturday morning at 4:15am.  I had no warning at all. I had not really had any other signs of coming close to delivery, so we were not really prepared.  My bags were packed, but the nursery and house were not ready at all.  Immediately, I showered and Brent did the dishes (I hate a dirty kitchen!)  When we got to UNC, I was only 1cm dialated, so they stuck me in a room where we just waited it out:)  Contractions started coming and they induced me around 2pm.  By 4:30pm, I was asking for an epidural:)  The lower back pain was awful. I could handle the contractions, but not the back pain.  I was still only 2cm, so they increased the potosin (probably mis spelled that one).  That night, Emma's heart rate started dropping rapidly after each contraction.  A flood of nurses would rush in and tell me to move one way or the other, my blood pressure was dropping, and I was put on oxygen.  Little E had a heart monitor put on her head as well. They mentioned c-section several times, and honestly, I was ready.  The stress and fear of what we were both going through was awful.  They took me off the potosin and gave me some drugs to help calm me down (aka...zonk me out).  All I remember is waking up Sunday morning, and I was 6cm!  It was the first positive step - especially given that my water had broken over 24 hours ago. They slowly started to induce me (which I was super worried about), and by noon, I was 9cm.  The pushing itself was actually really easy (thanks to my awesome epidural), and within 2 hours, Emma was here!  They used the mirror at the end of the bed, and although that sounds totally gross, it was the most helpful tool ever.  I highly recommend it.  There is nothing like a little motivation to help you through!  It did take until Monday mid-morning for my epidural to wear off, and that was really tough.  I had gone through almost a whole bag in 24 its now wonder I didnt feel anything:)  So, all in all, I was in labor for 34 hours!  And I am really proud of myself.  I could NOT have done it without Brent an awesome husband and father he was throughout.  I don't know what women do who have un-supportive husbands (or no husband at all). 

Here is our week in photos...I have a TON, but right now Emma is sleeping and I am running out of time!

Sunday was my one week birthday!

We went home Tuesday morning....very glad to leave the hospital, but had no idea what life would be like at home:)

Emma loves to sleep with her hand on her chin..I call this her "deep thoughts" pose.

We had our first bath!  Of course, she screamed the whole time!

We've had three outings to the doctor.  She is doing great.  I love this picture...she is holding my hand:)


  1. So happy for you! She is beautiful! can't wait to see her during football season?? xoxo

  2. Wow! What a story! Sounds like you did great, especially given then long labor!! What a beautfiul baby girl and family! Thinking of and praying for you all as you adjust to life with a little one! Hope Brent's first Father's Day was wonderful!

  3. what a cutie!!!! glad to hear things went "okay"! all that matters is that she is here and healthy! And give yourself some time with the patient with it-- you are BOTH trying to figure that one out!
    Hope to see you soon to hug your neck! SO SO SO excited for your sweet family :)

  4. She is a cutie! Your labor sounds very much like mine!!! I can't believe how alert she looks in that one week photo - beautiful!!! Congratulations to you again! And I had the same attitude about breast-feeding - I did it for about two weeks - hardest thing in the world!!!

  5. She is beautiful! Hang in there with the breast feeding. It just takes time. But no matter what you are a perfect Mom and she is a lucky little girl!