Friday, May 25, 2012

Mind dump

This post is more for feel free to skip it and go back to your busy lives:) Otherwise, read on for enjoyment and employer time theft.

1. I long for labor to start..I know delivery is supposed to be 3 weeks away, but I am oh so ready.  I cannot wait.  I was super paranoid about the whole delivery thing last week, and then after a few good talks with a good friend and my family, I am super excited now. (Well..not excited for pain, but ready to get it over with). But who knows...I could be trembling with terror tomorrow about wait 20 minutes and the mood might change!  I'm so ready to meet Emma, and finally hold her.

2. Mood swings - getting better this week.  Last week...not so good.  I threw a few things in the nursery for no good reason.  Theme seems to be: totally non-balanced reaction to the situation.

3. I long for normal clothes again.  I have a pretty diverse maternity wardrobe..but I am really wanting some more color...and something without a full panel of hot, itchy elastic around my waist.  I think I just want to feel pretty again...not really feeling this pregnant "glow" and being huge isn't one to boost the ego. I also would like to see my legs...I know they are pale, but honestly, I can't even see them, so I apologize for their appearance...I hope I shaved too.

4. The nursery is really coming along.  I love seeing it all put together and imagining myself in there with Emma.  I need more decor for the walls, and the changing table isn't done.  But I honestly am not too concerned right now.  We have a crib, monitor, and car seat...we could survive on that alone for now.

5. I am getting a little tired of being the "freak show" that walks into public places.  Yes, being pregnant has its perks - everyone is usually nice to you, and wants to make conversation...but there are also those who just stare at your belly...wondering if they need to get the hot water and towels out.  Or there are those who look and then immediately turn to their friend with some sort of comment that probably sounds like..."oh god, that must suck" or "eek..she's huge, I wonder when her due date" If you've been pregnant, then you know exactly what I am referring to...and sometimes it just ain't cool.

6. If one person mentions "going late," I will taser them.  Honestly, is it really necessary to say that to someone who is clearly uncomfortable and ready to deliver?  Why must people project such negativity onto others?  Does it make them feel better?  So, consider yourself warned...tell me I will deliver on time, or early...or else!!

7. Whoever wrote in the books that you start to lose weight at the end of pregnancy was a complete liar whose only intent was to deceive and ruin self-image.  I managed to gain 2 pounds in one week without even trying.  I'm pretty proud of myself and am hoping to continue this trend of physical fatness....

Here are some recent pics!  I still gasp every time I see myself in the mirror.  Can I really be THIS huge??

Mother's Day...35 weeks
36 weeks...
Happy Memorial day! 37 weeks... (just in case you are worried..our office did a holiday themed photo...hence the USA attire..I didn't really wear this to work)


  1. You look awesome!!! Seriously, awesome!

  2. Loved this one! will be on time or hopefully early. I am pretty sure your legs are there. You look like you are pregnant and uncomfortable and waiting for delivery is the WORST. I am sure the nursery is lovely and Emma will think it is the BEST. Oh ...and you will ROCK as a mom! Can't wait to meet her too!

  3. And I think you look beautiful, seriously a good looking pregnant lady!

  4. I had to giggle at all of your thoughts in this post. They are all so true. You look darling and I can't wait for you to hold her either. There really is nothing quite like it. Good luck! You will do great