Thursday, June 7, 2012

Still waiting...

I had fantasies about Emma coming never feeling like a ginormous beast, and being the envy of all other pregnant women on earth.  By far, the last 2 weeks have got to be the hardest.  You feel huge, you hurt all the time, and your hormones and anxiety have reached new levels not known before.  I had a fabulous weekend - full of energy and no pain. Then I had 2 sleepless nights in a row - nothing like a dose of reality to bring you down to earth! It's amazing how one day you can feel awesome, then the next feel like complete death.

All I can think about when I look at this photo is "DUNLAP" know, when your belly DUNLAPPED over your pants? Haha - hopefully that took the edge off of seeing my naked belly...I know, I gross, right?  Just think of it as ammunition for when you need something to blackmail me with!

I did finally get some sleep last night, so today should be better.  I am still working - but this is my last week.  I was getting nervous about being out, but honestly, I am ready now.  I feel like there is nothing else I can do, or need to do, at this point to prepare for being gone.  And let's face it....I am not going to be completely gone.  If I didn't check emails and try and stay in the loop for 12 weeks, my life would be a living hell when I returned.  And as my doctors keep referring to me as "Type A" (is that written in my chart somewhere, I wonder?), I most certainly need control even while gone.

On the bright side, the doctor did tell me that if by my next appt. (Monday), I had not gone into labor, they would schedule an induction for sometime after my due date -which is Friday the 15th.  That was a HUGE relief, since she hinted that my baby was already 8 pounds....seriously?  I know it's only an estimate, but honestly...8 pounds? I was only 6 pounds...this can't be true! I don't want to end up on the Today Show talking about how I delivered an 11 pound baby.  And for those who are wondering, I have no objections to pain meds.  I am going to take it one moment at a time, but know when enough is enough!

My bag is packed!!

On the nursery homefront - still looking like an episode of This Old House...but Brent promises that it will all be done by Friday (last week, he said is currently do the math).  I am not stressed...oddly enough.  It would be nice to go sit in her room and relax.....instead the windows are open for ventilation while he varnishes the wood (totally safe and non toxic), and we are still without anything on the walls or floor (any good rug places/suggestions...PLEASE send my way!!)  I guess this will give me something to do for after Emma arrives...

This is totally childproof, right?

All kidding sweet husband is hard at work every night.  He spends all day at work, comes home with dinner for me, then goes into her room to put final touches on her piece.  I couldn't be more proud of him than I am right least until I see him hold Emma..that might top this moment:)

As for the walls, these are a few items from etsy that I might order..

This would be cute in a fun, colored frame....from etsy -

Love these prints on wood....also from etsy -

I do, however, have a diaper bag finally!  I fell in love with this one at Nordstroms, but decided to order straight from the company - who happens to be in NC (gotta support local!).  I cannot. wait. to use it!  It is already packed with everything Emma and I could need...and I love that it does not look like a diaper bag - so I can use it for years (Lord knows...I don't have enough purses as it is!)

Bella Tunno Signature Diaper bag -
So, I'm hanging in there for now! Please keep all the prayers and support coming - I have felt so blessed by everyone during this whole pregnancy.  God has truly showed me love throughout this whole process:)


  1. Don't trust those weight estimations! My Dr. determined Connor would be a beast by their ultrasound calculations, and he was a very normal 7lbs4oz :-)So excited for you friend!

  2. she will be here soon... I am NOT going to say what everyone always says (enjoy your rest now...), because that made me want to SLAP them!
    your pregnant belly looks beautiful-- you will be glad you took pics of it. It is hard to remember ever being that big, and it's fun to look back on it.
    SOOOOOoooooo exciting!!!! :)

  3. Yea they said Eli was going to be a small baby, and this was as i was pushing. he was 8lbs6oz so they really dont know until the very end. You are going to do great no matter what emma weighs.