Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hmmmmm.....what to give up......

Well, I already gave up:

most seafood
deli meat
jumping on trampolines
sleeping on my back
acne medications
unpasteurized cheese
hot dogs
tuna fish
raw eggs (that includes cookie dough...sigh)

(so maybe I am exaggerating since I don't normally do ALL of these things...but you get the point!)

I'm not sure what else this gal can give up......I would say shopping, but then neither myself or baby would have anything to wear. And at the rate my body is changing, I will spare the world from not having pants to wear.

Last year, Brent and I gave up TV in the bedroom...and we are still practicing this. I admit the season snuck up on me this year and I really didn't put much thought into it until yesterday when I realized today was Ash Wednesday. A dear friend and I talked about it today at lunch, and she came up with a brilliant idea:

Instead of giving up something, why not commit to doing something? 

We were both talking about family and how we loved spending time together, and she mentioned committing to eating dinner together, at the table, without the distraction of TV, every night.  I know there will be some nights when this isn't logistically possible (like this weekend, since Brent is snow skiing in Wyoming!), but what a fantastic way to reflect on the season.  God has blessed me with an amazing husband, and I truly feel honored to be able to cook dinner for him when he comes home from work.  I love making that contribution to our family, and I love the times when we do sit at the table and enjoy a meal and conversation.  Often times, we get wrapped up eating on the couch watching mindless TV shows.  And while that's fun sometimes, it doesn't give us a chance to connect about our days. 

So, I think for this Lent season, we will commit to eating together and reflecting on our lives and the significance of Easter.  What a blessing these next 40 days will be!  Amen!


  1. what a GREAT commitment! And really-- that's the purpose of the season...appreciate your things! xo

  2. I might have to practice what I preach and do the same!! Knowing you and Brent are doing it is motivation for Phillip and me!