Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He's home!

Disclaimer #1: for those who long for "alone" time without your spouse...don't proceed.

Disclaimer #2: Brent actually came home last Tuesday night...so this post is somewhat delayed...west coast time, perhaps??

Brent is finally home, and while the title makes it sound like he was gone for an extended period of time...he was not...only 5 days.  But in Elizabeth world, that's forever.  I always start out pretty sad and as the days go by, it gets easier and easier and then by the time he comes home, I am fine all by myself and wish he would stay gone - Just kidding!  It did get easier, and I have done this in the past, but this year seemed harder because I am a bit more emotional and dramatic:) Hard to imagine, right?

I am blessed to have my mom and dad close by to hang with - and the support of great neighbors and friends.  I am grateful to them because they allowed Brent to have an awesome time in Wyoming with childhood friends, skiing it up at Jackson Hole (I know, rough life - right?) while I remained sane at home.

Since Brent does not have a Facebook....or Twitter...or anything socially related at all...I will take it upon myself to post one (and only one) picture of the trip.  He sent this to me one night, and I like to think that he is NOT rubbing in the fact that I cannot enjoy a nice malted beverage on vacation, or anywhere for that matter...

The famous cowboy bar in downtown Jackson.  Wish the dirty D had something similar:)
Needless to say, I am happy to have him home, but was happy for him to get out of town also:) 

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