Thursday, February 16, 2012


I finally joined Pinterest......and I must say with a smile, I am not as addicted as I thought!  I do love "pinning" great ideas, crafts, and recipes.  But I now have more inspiration to actually try out some of these things. I got really into the children's craft ideas the other night.  I cannot wait to paint little Emma's feet and do fun paintings for holidays..and of course frame them with immense pride!

It's also really cool to connect with people I have not seen or talked to in years.  I love that we can see what we all have in common - and it's fun to be able to share what I have found on the internet with them.  I love when someone else "repins" my makes me feel useful (for a split second!) 

Some things I recently pinned for Baby's room....
Love's super cheap on etsy, and it can be customized with colors to match your room.  I know I can pick out a great frame at Homegoods as well... Here is the link on etsy:
Also loving this one....another etsy find. Click here for her store..
My favorite..cannot wait to order this:)
These are all great reminders of God's promises to us.  I need them daily, and I pray our family continues to grow and strengthen in His Love as we go from 2 to 3.....
Happy Pinning, everyone!

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  1. Hooray for joining pinterest! Cute ideas for EMMA! I love that name:) Hugs!