Monday, February 20, 2012

Nursery crisis solved

I had been having a really hard time deciding on a "theme" for the nursery.  I knew I wanted something as unique and original as little Emma will surely be. We had looked at all the baby superstores, but nothing really jumped at, you can spend a fortune on baby bedding. I'd much rather spend that money on trips and memories as a family, not her fancy crib or bedskirt.  It was really weighing on me because I felt we couldn't really register for things until we nailed down some colors.  I stumbled upon this website one day, and found lets you design your own custom nursery bedding.  It's hours of fun picking fabrics and seeing them on the virtual nursery.  I still think some of them items are a bit expensive, but we have finally chosen some pieces that we love, and can take us into another baby (if it happens to be a boy, and if i survive having the first child!)
My friend, Courtney, actually chose the same main fabric for her bedding, and I didn't realize I had liked it so much until I came across it again!  And thank you, Davis, for letting me borrow your changing pad cover in the fabric to get a better idea of the colors!
Here is my virtual design...of course I will not be splurging on the crib skirt or comforter...but you get the gist of the theme and colors. Most likely, I will do a plain white crib skirt, and add color in sheets and curtains.

and here are the fabrics I am choosing...
Yellow Nursery Rhyme toile....this will be on one side of the crib bumper..and there is a much less expensive baby blanket that can be made with this fabric on one side, and white minky on the other.  I love all the colors!
Red and tan stripe...this will be on the other side of the bumper...and I may do a coordinating sheet.  I love the whimsy it adds and it really brightens the yellow toile.
I may do a sheet in this as well....

This gingham will be the piping and ties on the bumper. It is called robin's egg blue and taupe. 


  1. Elizabeth! I totally got my bedding from did the blue/taupe/paisley pattern. They are so awesome! I even ended up getting my curtains from them too. I love what you picked :-)

  2. What an awesome website. I absolutely love the fabrics you chose. I can't wait to see it all pulled together for Emma's room:)

  3. Love it all! And Davis was thrilled to loan you his changing pad cover! Love the link that lets you see it all out together. The only thing that will make it more beautiful is seeing little Emma in there!