Thursday, February 9, 2012


I have good intentions about taking bump pictures, only because I know I will want to look back and see them later. But my daily habit as soon as I get home is to change into my comfy clothes - and thank me don't want a picture of me in those. It is crazy to see my body change, and for awhile I stressed about it. But honestly, there isn't a dang thing I can do to change it, and this miracle inside me makes any weight gain and body shape change well worth it. I knew pregnancy and motherhood would teach me some lessons I needed to learn....about letting go of control and giving up of self. I have my emotionally "bad" days, but honestly I have nothing to complain about otherwise. I am actually enjoying this. (I cannot believe I just said that, and MEANT it.) So here are a few recent shots. Maybe this week I can get Brent to take a picture....the self portraits via mirror aren't that great:)
20 weeks...this was before the anatomy ultrasound":)
I love how Sunfower (my cat) seems to be mimicking me in the she posing as well?!
21 weeks...taken this past Sunday

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