Monday, February 6, 2012

IT starts......

Brent and I had been reluctant to buy anything for the baby until we knew the sex. Honestly, we were also a bit overwhelmed at everything too....well, maybe a lot overwhelmed. There is so much to think about, and our two trips to Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby were spent looking at the big items (crib, stroller, etc). But I am quickly learning that there are so many little things this gal will need and I am thankful to have some good friends who already have kids to help me pick out what's important and not. (I will be enlisting your help soon!!)

Prior to knowing the sex, I obviously was not willing to commit to any visible items for Baby Talley.  But a whole week had gone by and I still had not one thing for baby girl. Everyone (including Brent and myself) thought I would go crazy buying pink and dresses as soon as I found out it was a girl. I proved them wrong....until yesterday. I didn't do the splurge that was anticipated but baby Emma now has a few things in her closet. Now, don't pay attention to the fact that several of the pieces are not even her size. We can blame that on poor planning, or just really excited about a good deal. My parents also surprised us and brought over a few bins of dresses and toys that I had growing up.  Many of them were bought by my grandparents, so they have even more special meaning to our family.  I am a sucker for cute smocked I wasted no time hanging up some of these frocks, even if she won't be wearing them for a year or so:)  So......It's not much, but it's a start....and I have no doubts this baby girl will have PLENTY to wear as soon as she enters this world!

All of Baby Emma's closet...all for 3 months and beyond!!
Don't mind the wrinkles, I will wash everything before June:)

Who doesn't love strawberries?!!?
Yodeling, anyone? 
Little sweater dress for next winter
Brent almost killed me when I pulled this out of the bag....yes, I am still a tarheel...but I did spend 2 wonderful years getting my Master's degree from the school down the street:) And I can't help myself when it comes to seersucker....and matching bloomers.
This beauty is corduroy and so darling.  I think Emma will love wearing it for Christmas 2014:)

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  1. Love, love, love the strawberry outfit and all the smocking! My niece wears tons of dresses my mom made for my sister and me! The classics never go out of style!