Tuesday, March 1, 2011


If my readers are anything like me (and that is to assume that I have "readers"), than you've probably been wondering where I am.  Where are the new posts?  Where are the pictures?  Well, I was out of town for a bit, but after that there really is no excuse!  I could say that I am extremely busy at work, or that my kids are taking up all my time, etc...etc.....  But we all know those aren't true!

Truth be told, I have lots of ideas roaming around my head - great and witty topics to post on.  I think I just haven't had the nerve to tackle them yet. Something that has consumed me since October has been my job(s).  I currently work 2 jobs - one at a local college, and the other at J. Crew.  I was a Personal Shopper for the Crew, but recently stepped back down to a regular sales position.  This was a good decision, and I immediately knew it by the peace I felt.  I loved selling clothes, but I also felt a bit like the "girl at the corner in the red dress" - if you know what I mean.  I was fine selling to people who were already in the store, but I had a really hard time getting people into the store who don't normally shop there - and that was my role.  I was constantly worried that I was not doing what I needed to do in that position (and I wasn't!), all the while trying to do another part time job.  A friend, and manager, told me that he would rather me be happy in a lesser role than unhappy in the one I was in.  Wise words - so bear with me while I take the pay decrease and hand in my fancy business cards!


  1. Girl, I feel ya!! Keep writing! I love reading it and it makes me feel better when I do it...even if it's about random stuff like broccoli! :) PS I will probably steal that quote at some point in time because I need to engrain that in my brain! God has a plan for all of us, we just may not know what it is yet!

  2. I've so been there and know how it feels - hang in there! Great quote at the end!

  3. My heart hurts for you!! God has far greater plans for you, the hard part is just waiting on those plans to be revealed to you. Thinking of you!