Thursday, March 17, 2011

40 days without.....

So, I have never been a huge fan of giving up anything - not even during Lent.  If you know me at all, you have realized that self control is not by biggest strength - remember my post about dieting??!  But, I admire those that feel compelled to restrain from things, especially during the season of Lent.  I never tried in the past, mostly because I couldn't think of anything to give up that would not make me totally insane:
Coffee? Right, that's not happening! 
Dessert or chocolate? Sure, that's doable for someone like me who eats dessert first, just in case!  
Alcohol? No thanks, I think I'll save that torture for being pregnant. 
This year, if I was going to do it, I wanted to do it right, and I wanted what I gave up to truly mean something.  Lent is the season of reflecting on Jesus' life and his sacrifice for us.  It was not until last Thursday, on my day off, that I had a brilliant idea - I would give up TV in the bedroom for lent.  I love to have the TV on when I am home - it is a source of noise and comfort for me.  It makes me feel like someone is there with me.  I have grown accustomed to falling asleep to the TV every night - I won't let Brent turn it off (or fall asleep before me), until I am ready (or already in sleepland).  I knew this was perfect because, honestly, we all watch way too much TV - and by TV, I mean mindless programs that don't benefit us at all.  It sucks us in - like Lifetime Movies. 
I also confess there was a much larger reason for giving up TV in the bedroom.  After feeling very stale in my house of 5 years (yes, that's a long time), I felt we needed some change.  I had already reconfigured the living room as many possible ways as could be imagined, so that room was off limits.  But the bedroom....the glorious bedroom!!  It had not changed since we moved in!  We had painted the walls, but never has the room been rearranged.  After taking apart my bed-set, moving large and heavy pieces of furniture, I finally had the room just perfect.  It was beautiful - a new layout, some pieces of furniture switched out for others - a whole new perspective!  I was very proud of myself, and all my hard work. 
But there as one little problem - the cable jack.  Oops!  I had not realized that one, small placement of an outlet would make such a big difference in where we put the TV.  Said "jack" was all the way across the room....... next to my nightstand.  Keep in mind that I had slaved all day and had not showered since the morning prior, so the thought of going to the store, buying a cable cord long enough to go around the room (and don't forget the task of concealing this hideous beast), was just enough to send me into orbit at this point.  Plus, if you ask me, a TV looks a bit tacky in a nicely decorated room.  It stands out.  So there, in my sweat soiled t-shirt, gym shorts, and clogs, I had the divine revelation that I would give up TV in the bedroom.  (Notice that "I" here really means "we" since Brent and I most obviously share the same bedroom.)
All kidding aside, I knew it was the right thing to help me reflect on the season.  Patrly because I felt a sense of panic and knew that this would be hard for me.  And also, because I noticed several books piled under the bed when I was moving it that had not been read or finished yet.
It has been one week without TV.  One week of reading, and then turning out the lights and falling asleep - just as God intended it to be.  I must say, I am sleeping better, and have already finished one book.  Brent, reluctantly, is still on the same book, and asked me yesterday, "How many days are in Lent?"
40 days, so 33 more........:)


  1. Glad your first week went well! When I first saw the picture I thought you were giving up all TV for Lent and wondered how you would cope not seeing your soap everyday!

  2. Way to go! Would love to see what you have done to rearrange your room. I would rather fall asleep to a book too.