Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Night at the DPAC

This past weekend went by a bit to fast for me, so I decided to carry it out until Monday.  I worked Sunday and Monday, and was at wedding all day Saturday.  I splurged and actually stayed out until almost 11 on a week night - I know, reign me in!  My friend and neighbor, Kate, had tickets to Garrison Keillor that her husband so graciously offered her (I think it was no surprise that he did not want to attend).  So, I happily jumped at the chance to get out for a drink and some live entertainment, albeit I had no clue who Garrison Keillor was.  Let me retract, I had heard once or twice before of the Prairie Home Companion show, and had a foggy memory of listening to something about Lake Wobegon as a child.  Needless to say, Kate and I were a bit worried that we wouldn't get any of the jokes at all, we coined ourselves "the kids" as soon as we walked into the DPAC and noticed we were the only ones with natural hair color (or any hair at all).
But we were pleasantly surprised - Keillor was funny, witty, an excellent story teller, and talented singer.  I could give credit to my delicious Belgium beer from Tyler's, devoured beforehand, but we really did have a wonderful time! Thanks, Daniel, for sacrificing your tickets:)

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