Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gettin hitched....

Saturday, my family and I traveled down to Richfield for a wedding.  For those of you unfamiliar with Stanly County, Richfield is the home of some of my dearest skiing friends - the Almond's, the Barringer's (two generations now!), the Culp's, and the ever infamous, Tommy James.  We knew we were in for a great day - it's not often that the skiing family actually sees each other in the winter months, let alone fully clothed and not wearing skis!  It is always so great to reconnect before the summer starts - where we see each other every weekend traveling from tournament to tournament.  And this day was no exception - congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Treece Barringer!
Their wedding was pleasantly down to earth - local bluegrass musicians at the ceremony (why didn't I thnk of that!), good stick to your ribs food at the reception, and intimate setting.  I felt lucky, and honored, to be invited, since I knew they were planning a small venue.  I have known Treece for over 15 years - we grew up in the skiing world together.  I remember tournaments at Clear Lake in the 90's where I was scared to death to use the porta-pottys, all because Treece and some other boys decided that it was funny to shake and rock them while courageous fools were using them.  Thankfully, Treece has come a long way since then! He and his dad, Bill, have graciously let me ski with them during the summer, and I have grown very fond of the whole Badin Lake crew over the last 10 years.  If I could get Brent to move further west, I would. 

One of the highlights of the wedding (besides when one of the grooms almost passed out and had to walk out of the church for a few minutes - no names, Tommy!), was the homily.  This is where the officiant gives some sort of advice to the new couple.  I don't remember mine, but I am sure it was inspiring and close to what was said on Saturday - that marriage has responsibilities (shocker - marriage is a responsibility??)   So many people (mostly women) are obsessed with getting married, but there is a difference between getting married, and being married.  Marriage is hard, it's not all tingles and first time jitters.  It's not always a feeling, it's a decision.  I love my husband, but yes, there are times when I want to strangle him (not really, but it sounds funny, right?)  Whenever brides come into the store to discuss purchasing their gown or bridesmaid dresses from J. Crew, I always tell them not to stress about the day - it's only a few hours, and no one really remembers it anyway.  They spend so much time on details - their outrageously expensive dress, the colors, theme, table decor, yada yada yada!  Come on - why not stress about the fact that you are committing to someone - actually just ONE person, for the rest of your life.  Once you're married, you can't return it, exchange it for a new one, etc....  It's not like that new dress you just had to have, and now regret blowing your whole paycheck on.  So much emphasis is placed on the wedding day, and it really makes me sick.  Honestly, is it necessary, and even responsible, to throw thousands of dollars away on a party?  And do people really care?  Maybe invest in the food and drink - that's all your guests really care about anyway.  They don't care about your hair or your dress - sure, they'll ooh and aah as you come down the aisle, but they are not going to discuss years later (or even days later) how the groom's cumberbunds were such a stunning shade of lavender.  Come on girls, get it together!  Does anyone else feel so strongly about the absurdity of weddings these days?  Don't even get me started on the pre-wedding festivities that start months before, where you ask your whole wedding party to chunk down their hard earned dollars and time going from shower to shower and outlandish bachelorette weekends.
Perhaps, I'll stop while I'm ahead, and leave you with some pictures of the day:)  I've probably offended several people by now, and I do apologize.

Congratulations, friends!   
Don't forget - nothing easy is ever worth having!

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