Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winter Wonderland.....

Last week, Brent and I bundled up with my parents for a small getaway to Woodstock, Vermont.  My parents had been there in 1974, for their honeymoon, but had not returned since.  Woodstock is a quaint New England town that has a reputation for it's covered bridges, beautiful landscapes, and upscale dining and shopping.  It was a town made just for me - country charm meets modern conveniences.
The Kedron Valley Inn, our room was located on the second floor -the 2 right windows were ours.

Hands down, the Kedron was awesome!  Our room was the perfect blend of antiques and comfort.  My next house will also have a fireplace in almost every room.

Driving in the northeast in the snow is nothing like we southerners make it out to be.  The roads are almost always scraped, and people don't freak out.  (sorry, but southerners tend to be a bit dramatic about cooler precip).  There are these nuisances called frost heaves, though.  These are gigantic seapholes, followed by bumps, all along the road where water freezes underneath the surface.  This makes for a very bumpy ride, and one should not try drinking coffee on the commute to work if your road has these.  I learned the hard way.  My father actually thought it would be funny to drive fast on these roads, as if the curves don't make carsickness closer to reality.  My advice - leave in plenty of time, don't plan on leisurely drinking coffee, and buckle yourselves down!

I did not take a lot of pictures, but here are a few from the trip.

frozen river that runs through town

wouldn't it be nice to live in one of the houses that backs up to this river?

New England is known for it's covered bridges - how awesome to have this part of your everyday commute to work?!

I love that the houses still had greenery up AFTER Christmas (gasp!).  I imagine if I could do this is the south and get away with it, I would!

Downtown Woodstock

New residence for the Talley's???

While we were there, we took advantage of the 4 feet of snow on the ground with some cross country skiing and downhill.  I had gone cross country skiing twice before - once in New Hampshire when I was 10, the other last year during one of our "snowstorms" with a neighbor in Woodcroft (yes, we cross country skied on the walking trails - in public.)  I don't mean to sound snotty, but I'm kind of good.  I must have a frosty talent because I am a natural at cross country:)  Brent was a bit too ambitious for his own good, and immediately realized that cross country did not equal downhill skiing.  He got the hang of it, eventually.   We ventured to a mom and pop snow ski area just 5 minutes away - Suicide Six.  The service was exceptional, the people were super friendly, and the conditions were actually pretty good.
Dinner at the Tavern, Kedron Valley Inn....notice the huge fireplace behind us - so cozy!

It was an awesome trip, and I did not want to leave.  (Albeit, I was anxious to come home and snuggle with my animals) We were greeted at RDU with 70 plus degree temperatures, ugh...  Where has my winter gone - don't you guys know how hot and humid it will be ALL SUMMER LONG......????????????????????


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Woodstock looks beautiful. Your kind of place. Your accomodations were super cute. Loved the decor.

  2. I want to hear Brent's version of the cross country skiing. Looks like a cool place

  3. when we do lunch again (soon!) i need to hear about your trip!! :)