Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Merritt turned 8 months old a week ago (eye roll), and we celebrated with a kid-free dinner to Bartaco in Chapel Hill!

It was amazing and I will definitely go again.  And it was so nice to get out on a date!

Merritt is changing so much everyday.  She isn't crawling yet, but can go backwards and is soooo close.  She gets frustrated because she can't quite figure it out.  I am excited for her to hit this milestone, but not excited to be chasing her around everywhere....and childproofing even more!

She is most content outside and loves her little people toys.  She puts everything in her mouth, EXCEPT the puffs I give her.

She's always happy....rarely fusses (unless at night).  The day after her 8 month birthday, she got up 5 times at night (ugh). And I discovered 2 tiny ridges popping through on her bottom gums...which would explain that!  For a week after, she was getting up several times a night......mostly before 2am.  I was one tired mama.  She would nurse back to sleep (I know...prob not the best, but dang it, I need sleep) then wake again 2 hours later until after 2am then she;d sleep longer.  We are blaming it on teething, brain development, almost crawling...and yes, bad sleep associations.  Then last night, I gave her Tylenol (which I've done before....) and she slept until 5:30.  What the heck.  I'll take it, but some consistency would be nice....

Merritt eats 3 solid meals a day - loves veges, fruits, oatmeal.  Dislikes bananas....  She's also mastered water in her straw sippy cup.  Once we learn how to stop comfort nursing to sleep, I'll work on milk/formula in there!  I see some light at the end of the nursing tunnel;)

I feel beyond blessed to have 2 healthy girls...and love seeing them grow!

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