Monday, July 31, 2017

NC State Champs weekend

This post is long overdue!  Two weekends ago, we were in Statesville, NC for the 2017 NC State Water Ski Championships.  I really haven't been practicing a whole lot, but figured I would go and ski anyway.  This lake is one of my faves, and I hadn't been there in almost 10 years (it had sort of been neglected for a few years and recently brought back to life the past year thanks to the Blair family).  I was nervous about going because we were staying with some friends on Lake Norman, about 30 minutes away, and Merritt hadn't been sleeping great.  I get nervous about travelling with her since we are normally in the same room and it can be chaotic.  I was also going to be without Brent for a day and night because he had to work:(  So I decided to drive down early Saturday instead Friday night....looking back it went fine and I would have gone Friday if I could do it over again.

Emma wasn't into having her picture taken on the way down....Merritt slept most of the way:)  It's only about a 2 hour drive.

When you turn off the highway, it is absolutely gorgeous.  This is Iredell county!

After we got there, and I skied (sorry, no pics!!), I had to take them for a drive to get Merritt to nap again, plus there was a small rain shower coming through.  The goal was for Merritt to nap, but I'll take both girls asleep any day!

The nearest town is Harmony - so quaint and SMALL.  It does have it's own pharmacy though:)

Still asleep....this looks soooooo painful!

I tried to snap photos while driving (not recommended), so none of these do the landscape justice.....but wow, so pretty!

Again....still asleep! 

The banquet was at the lake that evening and I was going to try and head back to the house where we were staying and shower and then come back, but we hit bad traffic on I-77 so I turned around.  It wasn't ideal to not shower, but hey....we are skiers...we are used to it!  They had tents set up, a mechanic bull for the kids, a dunking booth, and other fun stuff!  The Blair's parents own a great BBQ place and catered the whole thing.  It was delicious!  It's called Hog Heaven and they're always at the fair, and travel around the south.

I was a bit shocked that Emma wanted to try the bull...and also relieved that she didn't love it:)

Sweet Miss Jane made sure Merritt was well taken care of!

My second dad....Bill!!

My two favorite guys (over the age of 40!)

I snuck away for a few minutes to feed this view of the lake...not bad at all.

The food was amazing....soooo good!

Emma had a blast running around with her friends!

We stayed at the Blair's house on Lake Norman, about 35 minutes away.  We got there late - after 9pm.  Merritt and Emma weren't in bed until after 10:30, but surprisingly.....both slept through the night.  We woke up to this beautiful view Sunday morning.

and headed downstairs....

Emma wasted no time getting comfortable with a donut and some OJ.

Merritt had her breakfast with this view....

and Emma made short work of the pool (before 9am)

Sunday, I skied twice again and they had awards at the end.  I am beyond proud that I can still participate in this sport.  I am nowhere near as good as I used to, but man....I love doing it.  And I can still compete...I just need more practice:)

Oh...and Brent made it there Sunday to watch me ski and play with the girls.  We had such a good weekend....and I was so happy to have spent it with my family and ski fam!

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