Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fourth of July weekend

We kicked off the holiday Friday around noon and headed to the lake.  Brent had to work, so he joined us later that night.  I let Merritt nap for about 45 minutes in the morning so I could finish packing us up.  Wow - it was an ordeal for sure.  We were staying in a travel trailer this time -which is awesome because you are on site and don't have to go anywhere, and you have AC:)  But, it also meant I had to pack food, towels, sheets, beds, etc....  The truck was loaded down and I even had some stuff in my station wagon that Brent was driving down - oh, and of course all my skis!!

We stopped in Rocky Mount to grab a snack at Chickfila and feed Merritt.  That place was packed...and so hard to get to.  If you've ever gone, then you know what I mean.  It's like an episode of Ninja Warrior parking lot or something just for some nuggets and a shake (or the diet lemonade - my new obsession!).

We got to the lake around 2:30pm, and it was sweltering already.  I was glad we had a camper to get into all weekend because it was a hot one...and no rain to cool it off.  After we got unpacked and settled, Emma immediately went in the water....then this happened.  Totally unprovoked.  She had been asking to ski all week and just hopped right on.

I'm a proud mama:)

Emma spent the whole weekend in the water, and I got to ski all 3 events (slalom, trick, and jump).  I had not jumped since 2015, so I was pretty excited too get back, even if I had to take it easy.

Merritt napped in the camper great, and the monitor reaches wayyyy farther than I would have imagined!  I got some good girl time on the beach with these friends;)

I even got a family photo!

Saturday night, we had a huge potluck and then some local singin' girls came and performed for us.  It was awesome - they were awesome!  They are 3 sisters from a super small town who grew up singing at church and now they sing country songs and some contemporary music.  We all just sat on the beach, listened, sang, then even danced.  You haven't lived until you've seen 40+ year olds singing and dancing (and we weren't drunk...just having the BEST time!).  Merritt was asleep, and Emma was running around with her friends  - they even came and danced some.  Brent and I felt so at home, in our happy place, with our little family and great friends.  Such a simple Saturday night, yet so perfect.

Sunday was beautiful - filled with more skiing (for me), and playing in the water.  Brent had to work Monday, so we planned to come home that night.  I would have stayed an extra day with the girls, but Merritt had a cold and fever, and wasn't sleeping well at all.  I really needed to get her back in her own room and crib, and me in my own bed, for some rest.

We got back late Sunday night, and I spent most of Monday doing laundry (I think I did like 8 loads!!).  Emma had stayed up way too late both nights, and spent all day in the sun and water, so I made her chill inside all day.  Brent was off Tuesday, and we slept in (mostly because I was up more than once with Merritt), then headed to a friends' pool for a few hours.

But first....I had my makeup done.....

I may need a touch more bronzer......you think???

The pool was nice because we got to see friends, but I will say 7 months isn't a fun age for this sort of activity.  Concrete everywhere.  Chairs with holes that babies can fall through, and water for drowning.......I think next year will be great.  But this year is filled with having to hold Merritt because there's nowhere to put her, and watch Emma not drown.

Emma loves her life vest.  It's embarrassing, sort of.  She wears it even if she can touch.  I guess I won't complain one bit since I definitely don't have to worry about her drowning:)

Even Merritt joined in on the fun!

We did burgers for takeout and had a low key evening at home - perfect ending to a great long weekend.  Happy summer, all!

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