Monday, January 16, 2017

Snow and More Routine!

I can finally say that we are really settling into a good routine these days.  I am feeling much better, more confident in my handlings with 2 kids, and more aware of Merritt and her needs.  I am learning her schedule and what she likes, dislikes...which makes life much better.  She is sleeping well still - going down around 9, then only up for an hour to feed at around 2-3am, then sleeping until almost 7 most mornings.  She is much more alert and smiling...oh wow, what a blessing.  All this work and finally, a reward!!  It has been great to watch her smile and watch us more. 

Last week, we got snow and I was so happy Brent was off to enjoy it with us and also be home:)  The temps were really cold and it was icy, so I couldn't go out to play very much with Merritt.  That was hard...I love the snow and love being outside in the cold.  I did catch a quick walk without kids with my friend and neighbor, and had the best time being out together in the cold and talking.  Brent cooked up a storm (2 soups) and we made breads and cookies.  It was a bit tough being couped inside a lot, and when Brent had to go back to work and Emma didn't have school for 3 days...I about lost my mind.  but we survived.  Here's our week in pictures:

Merritt's first snow!!

Who can resist this bundle?!?!?!

We had a lot of fires!

We ventured out one afternoon to Target and then the McKethan's for some comfort food!  Emma loves to play with Jay:)

Emma loves to mimic me, and she loves her doll baby wrap.  I'm also certain that we did not get out of our pj's on this particular day.

Trader Joe's Beer Bread....just trust me...amazing.

Emma was left unattended for way too long one afternoon....#makeupfail

It actually warmed up to the 70's the rest of the week....ugh.  I love winter, so I'm not a fan of warm yet.  I'm hoping there's lots more snow in our forecast!!!

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