Monday, January 2, 2017

Life at home

Christmas break - a double edged sword!  No, we didn't have to scramble to get out of the house, but we did hang together ALL day, EVERY day.  I admit, I struggled the beginning of the week.  Emma had a lot of energy and I didn't do a good job of letting her get it out.  I wanted to throw myself into traffic a few times.  And wow...the word for the week for me was ISOLATING.  Newborn life and breastfeeding is sooooo isolating.  I felt so alone and couped up at home, but going places made me anxious.  From trying to get out of the house, find something easy to wear to nurse in (but also public appropriate), deciding whether to pump or not, gather all necessary gear, start and warm the car, nag Emma to get ready 300 times, etc....  Most days, the weather wasn't great either, so we stayed in and it made for some LOOONNNNNGGGG days.  To make it worse, Brent had a long week at work, so he was leaving early and coming home late.  So, I'll only highlight the fun parts in this post....
Somewhere, somehow...Emma has seen that using the potty and playing on electronics is a thing:)  Santa brought her this camera, which also has she's hooked now.  She will take your picture all day long, or a picture of the floor, or your thumb....whatever.

Out of the blue, Emma found these glass wipes and wanted to wash all the windows.  No complaints here!

Emma loves to snuggle with Merritt.  We are currently working on the concept of PERSONAL SPACE.

But she is oh so sweet to her:)

Brent had gifted us a spa day for Christmas.  I was psyched to take Emma by myself and spend some good time with her.  Nail Stop is awesome, Yall.

Juice for her, mimosa for me!

My parents gave Emma the game, Go Fish, and we have played 3,378 times so far!! 

New Year's Eve was cold, but I had to get out of the house.  Merritt and I ventured out for a walk in the neighborhood...all bundled up!

Then Emma decided she needed to carry her baby too.  I love that she wants to be like me...and hate it also (I really have to watch my words and actions - haha!!)

I totally missed Merritt's one month birthday, but I'll post more about life with her later this week!!  Happy New Year, all!!

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