Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labor day weekend

We had a big holiday weekend - filled with a wedding, a visit with good friends, celebrating our 10 year anniversary, and some down time at home.  Oh...and a hurricane!
Here's a look at our busy few days....
We headed east for my sister-in-laws wedding Friday morning.  Emma and I had a luncheon to attend, and Hurricane Hermine had arrived!  First, a selfie to document our 10 year anniversary!!
The trip down was you think we hit some rain??

After the luncheon, we all went to stay with our good friends, the Jones' at their house on the river.  It was pouring, so we all relaxed inside.  Emma and Livi went right to playing and didn't stop until we left the next day (minus when we took Emma to the wedding).  They had such a blast together, playing dress up, singing, and dancing.

We attempted a family photo before the wedding, but this was the best we could do.

Sweet Emma wanted to sit with her great grandmother, who is 99!!

The wedding was a lot of fun, even though I didn't take any pictures.  I left with Emma early because we were both exhausted.  It was about a 25 drive back to the house, and it was dark and stormy out.  Soon after I left the venue, a tree fell across the road and people had to drive through a field!
We all slept good that night, although Brent got up around 3am and he said the river had come up to the first step of the house (the house is high up, so no worries).  Luckily, the hurricane blew threw and the water receded quickly.
Livi was waiting for Emma the next morning, and already had a tea party set up:)

We had the best time talking, catching up, and just relaxing.  I sure wish this sweet family lived closer:)

This was our drive out of their house...still some standing water.  I am glad we took the truck, so we could make it out!

We got back Saturday around 2pm, and my mom was there to take Emma over to my parent's house.  Brent had made special plans for us to go out to the Fearrington that afternoon and evening!!
We got this text on our way out there....Emma is obsessed with this dress (wedding gown???) she got from a friend who had outgrown it.  It's a gorgeous dress and super dressy...totally appropriate for a playdate....
Brent had gotten me a Mother To Be massage at the Spa out there, and I was super psyched!!!!!  I had never been there but always wanted to go.  I was in heaven.  The weather was beautiful - cooler now that the hurricane had come through.  I have had a long few weeks and some pampering was much appreciated.  Brent went to the bar (shocker) to watch he was also in heaven!  He is NOT a spa guy...even though I think he might enjoy it some day.
This was my waiting area...I just loved the rustic table and oversized loveseat!

And my refreshments...the best tea I've had in awhile!

I snapped a selfie!!  Don't I look relaxed??

My masseuse took me to my room...where I also had a bathroom to get ready in after the massage, since we had dinner reservations at the Farmhouse.

It was a beautiful bathroom, stocked with expensive and luxurious lotions, soaps, and hair care:)

And this was my sitting area...honestly, I could sit there all night. 

And my table....where I was in heaven for an hour:)

After my massage, I was so relaxed.  I took a nice, long shower and got ready for dinner.  It was so nice!

I should have tried harder to get a good picture, but these selfies will have to do.

We spent our first night after our wedding there, and had the best time.  This time, I really just wanted to eat there...and save our money for a trip next year when we could enjoy it (sans preggo).

Meanwhile, Emma was at my parent's house making homemade cookies!!

The food was delicious....4 courses and little bites in between each course.  I almost was getting too tired to eat anymore!  It's definitely a long dinner!!
This chocolate mousse at the end was certainly worth the wait!

It was so nice to enjoy each other and have a nice dinner reminiscing about the last 10 years, and what the next 10 will be like.  I am constantly amazed at how much I can love someone even more, even after being with them for 16 years:) 
We spent the rest of the weekend doing chores, playing with our neighbors, and getting ready for the week.  Brent had to rebuild our entire porch columns and railings...they were rotted:(  The 3 day weekend was much needed, as Emma would start her new school this week!!!
Hope everyone else had a great Labor Day weekend!

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  1. Happy 10 years! Got me itching for a Fearrington Spa day, looks glorious! And your dresses are fabulous!