Thursday, September 8, 2016

Emma's First Day of Pre-K

I have had lots of anxiety surrounding this day, ever since I made the decision back over the summer.  Pulling Emma out of the only school she had ever known, and placing her into a new place, with new teachers, new routines, and new kids....whoa...this emotional preggo was worried.  Maybe I was more worried for myself than her, looking back:)
Emma rocked it...and walked right into the classroom....

I was devastated all morning.  Really, I was. 
Who do you think you are, Miss Emma??? 
I certainly hugged her like a million times when I picked her up and couldn't stop smiling when I saw her. 
What's wrong with me???
What did I do with my 3 hours of ALONE TIME, you ask??? 
Well, I dropped by a friend's house to grab some Beautycounter samples, went to the grocery store ALONE (it took all of 25 minutes, and I stopped to pee!), and ran a few other errands. 
Honestly, I loved every minute. 
It was refreshing to get out of the car and only grab my purse.  It took me like 3 seconds. 
Is this what it was like before kids???
I am certainly entering a new phase of life this month, and I am terrified and excited all at the same time.  Today went so well, it was so reassuring.  Emma couldn't stop talking about her day, and my heart was so full.  I picked up Chickfila for her, so it was waiting in the car for lunch.  She was thrilled.  I couldn't have asked for a better first day...and I am praying the rest of the days are just as smooth and fun for us both!

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