Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend update

We were fortunate enough to have a 3 day weekend with Brent this weekend.  He managed to get off work Friday, so we were really glad:)

We kicked off the weekend early on Thursday night at Hope Valley Brewing Company (they opened that day in the former City Beverage location).  I was never a huge fan of City Beverage, so I was excited to see this place open up.  The Winslows came with us, and the girls had a great time.

The staff may have wanted us to leave after we spilled an ENTIRE beer on our table and floor.  Or it may have been the below scene....not sure.

Friday, Brent washed the cars and Emma and I did some indoor cleaning.  I tried to organize all my beading supplies, and also got Emma's summer clothes out.  She can fit in some of her dresses, although most are too short now.  I believe the shorts will still fit (my girl has no booty), and her shoes are all way too small.  We also went for a run because it was so nice outside.  I am no was more like a survivalist jog/power walk.  

Friday night, we headed to Chapel Hill to eat dinner with some friends from church and we had the best time.  I took no pictures, but that's ok.  Our friends have 4 children, and the 2 oldest are girls, age 10 and Emma loved being with them.  The youngest was about 2 months old - and Emma was obsessed!!  Baby William hung out in his bouncy chair thing and Emma didn't want to leave his side for the beginning of the evening.  

Saturday, I had to work an Open House at work, so I was gone for some of the morning.  Then, we had a wedding that afternoon.  

Natalie and David go to our church, but I've known Natalie since was born from our previous church.  It was good to see a lot of familiar faces from our old church - it has been over 6 years since we left.  I was nervous about it - "breaking up" with churches can be tricky sometimes.  But it was nice catching up and I didn't feel the awkwardness I had feared.

Paul and Lindsey are getting married in May!  I remember all these girls when they were in middle and high school!!

Sunday, I had church nursery, and since it was gross out we had already planned on going to see Zootopia with Emma at Silverspot.  It is definitely the way to go for movies - bigger seats, nice food and DRINKS.  I had popcorn and Prosecco:) 

On a side note - the Mitchell's in University Mall is closing and all their hair products are 50% off.  I stocked up on Kenra, Moroccan Oil, and Pureology.  This stuff NEVER goes on sale (unless it's about to be expired), so I would recommend going if you use any of those.  They also sell other salon brands as well. 

Here's to another week - hopefully it warms up soon!!

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