Thursday, March 17, 2016

Friday favorites...iphone photo edition

My fave photos from this no particular order...

1. Emma being sweet in the car.....I love picking her up from school and hearing all about her day.

2. Emma dancing in the Sam Hunt...her fave:)  Can't wait til she's old enough to go to concerts with me (well, maybe I can wait...stay little as long as you can, Emmie)

3. these bracelets....

4. Sweet Emma calls Brooklyn her "sister"  ALL. THE. TIME.

5. I'm SOO over traffic.  My morning commute is unbearable these days.

6. I ordered these johnnies this week (eek!)  Am I really diving into this?????

7. This artist's piece is amazing.  I saved it as a future wallpaper design for my phone or ipad.

8. I've accepted the fact that winter is over and warm weather is here.....there will be a lot of water trips this year.

9. I wish I had this girl's courage...that water was pretty chilly.  She didn't mind at all.

10.  It may be spring, but this black stack is my new fave...

11. But just in case, I have some spring color too...

12. She dressed herself....and she's an amazing mommy to her baby.  Always hugging her, saying "mommy's here, it's ok baby"  I can only hope she learned that from me:)

Happy Friday!!!!!!

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