Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mid-week randomness

It's been a strange few weeks - between Emma being sick, being out of town, and now Spring Break at work...routine has been thrown out the window!  But, that's ok! 

This is life for us lately.....

Emma has been watching these (awful) shows lately, like Little Charmers (gag), and requested a side pony tail.  It's been her hair style of choice these days, and I can't say I hate it...it's kinda cute.

I watched the UNC vs. UVA game at Carolina Ale House on Franklin Street a few weekends ago, and celebrated a friend turning 50.  Angie does not look anywhere 50.  She is taking this picture behind the bar...because when it's your birthday, you get to do that:)

It was a fun night out with friends:)

We watched my niece play volleyball in Cary one Saturday, and Emma really enjoyed playing with this ball.  She has never shown much interest in sports, so I was glad to see her make an effort to not play tea set or baby or princesses...

I tried taking Emma to Bible Study with me (like normal) last Wednesday, but she was really clingy.  We finally left and went home after she started balling and saying she felt bad.  She did have a high temp that wasn't going down with meds, so we went to the doctor.  Emma ended up napping on the floor, she felt so bad.  I was super bummed I missed Bible Study (I'm selfish sometimes).

Emma was terrified of the doctor, after her ear flushing experience 2 weeks prior.  Luckily, the doctor took one look at her throat, grabbed a quick swab and did a strep test.  It came back positive, and Emma's fever was reading 103 there:(

She certainly deserved a treat after the doctor, and I wanted to do anything to cheer her up...so we got smoothies!

Amazingly enough, she was fine after Wednesday - no fever and no bad reactions to the antibiotics!

Friday night, we went to Town Hall Burger with the Winslows - Emma and Brooklyn had a really good time together and played well.  Emma isn't always the nicest to sweet Brooklyn, and I know their age difference plays into that....but I was glad this night went well.  And the food there was delicious!

Confession: life as a family of three has been challenging.  When it is Emma and I, things are great.  When Brent is around, Emma wants nothing to do with me.  After a rough Saturday of feeling like I had leprosy, Brent went out to watch the UNC vs. Duke game, and Emma snuggled with me on the couch.

Brent snapped this photo in Lowe's while I went to the grocery store ALONE.  I can't get over how big and grown Emma looks here.

Other random things on my mind:

Are we skipping spring altogether and going straight into summer?  High 70's??  I'm way too pale for short sleeves, let alone tanks and shorts (gasp!)  But, warmer weather means trips to the lake are not far off...and I'm super pumped to get in the water again.

Brent and I have some big decisions to make in the next few months regarding our future, so these are weighing heavily on us.  Work, living, school for Emma.......

I constantly feel like I'm having a hard time belonging - working part time in another city, trying to make lasting connections with friends in different places...it's really been a struggle.  I'm trying to trust that God's plan is the BEST plan.  I just don't know what that is:(  My heart laments not being with Emma while I'm at work.  And I also wish I had the connections I know other stay at home moms have - and the playdates with preschool friends, etc...  It's a sense of guilt wondering whether I am making the right choices for Emma and myself (because I know that me being happy is just as important as Emma's happiness).  Sometimes it just feels like I am trying to fit a square shape into a circle...sometimes the corners make it in, but I can't ever quite get it to fully fit...anyone else ever feel like that????

My dear friend Bill is home from the hospital, but still not well, and still no diagnosis.  His family is lobbying hard to have him checked into a better hospital..

I have a wedding to attend in 2 weeks....what does one wear to a March wedding? It's not warm enough yet, but winter style won't work either....suggestions?

I have a few friends getting ready to have their second child...and I want to do something nice for them.  Any ideas besides meals?  Was there anything you wished someone would have done, brought you, did for you, etc...  for your second child????

Brent is doing "the bull" with his F3 gang this Saturday.  I don't know exactly what it entails - a lot of running and working out (so naturally, I'm not doing it).  I'm really proud of him for getting up 2-3 mornings a week to hang out with some great guys and fellowship...oh and they work out.  I've grown accustomed to waking up early too, which gives me a chance to eat breakfast, read, and have some coffee before the day truly begins.  

Brent's Grandma is turning 99 this Saturday...so we are going to celebrate with her this weekend:)  Unfortunately, we were also offered 6th row Garth Brooks tickets for Saturday night too....haven't yet figured out how to be 2 places at once.

While I am still lamenting the winter we didn't have...I do love the warm air and sunshine this week.  Emma and I have a date to look at some belties after Bible Study tomorrow at Fearrington.  Happy first week of March, y'all!

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  1. For baby #2 friends - Meet them on the front porch (so they don't have to try and clean up) with a bottle of wine, some cookies and fruit (bc you trying to eat healthy but you need that cookie) and take the older kid with you out of the house for a few hours! :)