Monday, March 14, 2016

A really fun weekend!

We had a really fun weekend, and although the time change totally kicked our butts, we are grateful for all the time we had together as a family, and with friends.

I will say life has been more exhausting lately.  I think because we are more active and spending more time outside.  And is just busy right now!

Friday, I took Emma to work with me and she helped me clean out a storage closet.  We also had lunch with dad at NoFo.  She did really well, and I only busted out the DVD player twice:)

Meanwhile, our beloved truck hit a huge milestone.......Brent snapped this picture Friday morning...on I-40, which was very fitting!  I am grateful for the many places this truck has taken us to, and the many memories:)  Here's to 100K more!

Emma has some "Vans" from Old Navy and I decided to be cool and get some to match:)  DSW has Vans, so I decided to try them out. I snapped this photo and sent it to my super cool friend who lives in Wrightsville, asking her whether I was being cool or stupid if I wore them.  She responded back letting me know how proud she was of my inner surf girl coming out:)  I did wear them all weekend long, and they were super comfy and stylish (right?!?!)

Saturday morning, Brent did "The Bull" workout with his F3 buddies, and I am so proud of him.  All I know it I don't do anything for 4 hours (except sleep), and that sure doesn't span 10 miles either:)  Some of the wives met at Monuts for breakfast, then we headed to watch the guys come in.

Sweet Dana and Charles, and their family...I have really enjoyed spending time with these women and their children.  And I am grateful for the friendships the men have as well.

Brent snapped this during the prayer time - and if you know Brent, he's not a photo taker - so this meant a lot to him.  How encouraging that these guys get to workout, and encourage and humor one another. 

A family photo with our guy!

I'm pretty sure I would pass out if I had burned this many calories!

After the workout, we went home and packed up to head to Bath to see Brent's family.  But I did spot this sign by my house....what? what!??  They had me at kid's area and full bar....

Brent's sweet Grandma was turning 99 Saturday, so we all got together to celebrate!  The weather was gorgeous down there on the river, so spent most of the time outside.

All the cousins, minus Walker who had basketball All Stars.

Sunday, we left early because we had a lot to do to prepare for the week and we lost an hour:(

We stopped at the Fairgrounds because there was a bead show, and I needed to stock up for my etsy shop.  Brent took Emma to the flea market, and she was super excited to get her first umbrella.

I was completely and utterly overwhelmed at the bead show, but managed to get a few things.  I am (hopefully) going to devote a lot more effort and time into my jewelry because I really love doing it.  I have no hopes of becoming famous or ever making any real money off of it, but I do want to look into it more in depth.

We hit the ground running Sunday night trying to get ready for the week.  My house is dirty, cluttered, and I have beads all over the place waiting to be made into something beautiful...but for now, my real job and Emma take precedence.  Our day off this week looks to be close to 80 degrees, so I think we will head to the lake!

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