Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend recap

We enjoyed another wonderful weekend.  I am really trying to use our time wisely - do more fun things, and let the house chores become an afterthought:)

Saturday was my mom's birthday, so we met them for breakfast at our favorite spot -The Weathervane!  We then cruised University Mall, and the Chickfila cow was out in full force.  Emma used to be terrified of the cow - like scream and run away and the whole day was ruined terrified.  I am happy to report she is a fan now, and managed to push her way to 5 hugs and numerous pictures. 

She also tried her hand at hoola hooping!

I am so in awe at how old she looks here (insert sniffles).  I can't believe how tall she is!  She is no longer a babe, and hardly a toddler, either:(

That night, we went to my parents to make cupcakes and eat dinner.  Emma wanted to help - as she is very into baking lately.  (I think it has more to do with licking the batter than anything else!)

We celebrated my mother - and it was a wonderful time.  We are so thankful for her!

I leave you with this picture...Emma's tea party (on top of Christmas decorations).  Swerve is no ordinary cat...he takes cream and sugar, if you're wondering:)

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