Monday, January 25, 2016

Life lately....Snow edition

What can I say??  We got snow, so I am a happy camper!  Here's a recap of the last week and a half at the Talley house:)

Warning: This post has a lot of pictures!

Brent has had to leave early some mornings, so he and Emma have been Face-timing when she gets up.

Emma plays so well by herself.  It actually makes me feel guilty because I can get so much done and I probably should be playing with her:(  
I just love this pet tea party she is having with her stuffed animals!

Emma also loves to snuggle with the cats...and by the looks of it, they aren't minding too much either:)

Tuesday night, I went to see Matilda at DPAC with some girl friends (it was great!), and I snuck in later that night to give Emma a kiss.  She was hugging her bear, so I had to take a picture.

I discovered the Pork Carnitas (in the pre-made refrigerated section) at Trader Joe's and we made nachos one night.  It was absolutely delicious - I am really loving that store lately!

MLK Holiday, my mom and I went to the mall to shop and have lunch at Nordstrom Bistro (my favorite!)  Emma was cracking me up - she insisted on bringing this tiny Bible with her.  And she also insisted on sitting in this store window front with it.  Does anyone remember the UNC Pit preacher?  That's all I could think about!!!

Emma was also infatuated with this mannequin in Athleta.  She kept sitting with her and talking to her (weird or normal for a 3.5 year old?????)


Maybe it's normal...but then she decided the lady needed a bra, so I'm calling it weird now:)

Friday was an awesome day.  They had been calling for snow/sleet/ice all week to start Friday morning.  So of course, I had stocked up and schools closed Thursday night.  Brent had to go in for about 3 hours in the middle of the day, but was home for the rest of the weekend.  It was heavenly.  Usually, he has to work and Emma and I get super bored with each other pretty quick!  Plus, entertaining a toddler in the snow as a solo parent is not ideal.

We were super pumped when dad got home!!!

We ventured out later that afternoon.  It was sleeting/snowing for most of the day, and if it was sleeting, it was a bit uncomfortable outside getting pelted with ice.  But Emma insisted, and I've learned she is a snow lover!!  In years past, she really hasn't been old enough to enjoy it, but this year, all she wanted to do was sled, make snow angels, and play.

This is Mr. Carrot, our snowman!

Saturday morning, it was snowing and so beautiful out.  I decided to take myself on a walk - BY MYSELF.  I love my family, but sometimes it's nice to get out alone.  It was so peaceful - I don't have words to describe how peaceful and beautiful it was.  I went about 7:45am, so there was not a soul or car in sight.  

We enjoyed lots and lots of fires over the weekend.  I caught up on a lot of knitting projects.  And we snuggled...a lot.  Emma thought the 3 went well together - snuggles with cats in scarves by the fire:)

Saturday morning, we walked to Food Lion (I LOVE being able to walk places!), and also Joe Van Gogh Coffee (after sledding on the way, of course).  We warmed up with some hot cocoa.  It was THE BEST hot cocoa EVER!  Seriously - if you are in Woodcroft in Durham, try this cute local coffee shop!

My parents came over for some more sledding (we went out several times a day!!)

Again, Emma loves to snuggle with the cats:)  They are so tolerant.  I know a lot of people don't like cats, but mine are so sweet.  I have a friend who calls them doggettes because they're really not cat-like at all:)

Sunday, church was cancelled and we thought we better hit the sledding slopes one more time before it all melted.

I finally left the neighborhood that afternoon for a trip to Trader Joe's and Great Outdoor.  Emma cracks me up here - I'm guessing she's upset because the snow is melting!

It was a wonderful week and weekend.  I was so happy to share these moments with my family.  Snow can be an inconvenience, but it is so beautiful and for a small moment, life slows down and people are forced to live simply.  I know I'll get some dirty looks for this, but I sure hope it wasn't our only snow this winter:)

Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!

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