Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend recap

Another weekend....another day spent at the lake with my precious family.  Sadly, Brent had to work, so he missed this trip.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous - no humidity, sun, and a slight breeze.

When we pull into the gate at the lake, Emma knows she can get out of her car seat and ride in the front with us.  It's about a mile to the lake on a dirt road, and she just swoons with excitement when we round the corner and see the lake. We took this selfie when we first got there:)

Emma cannot wait to get in the water and play, and she'll be there all day if we let her!

I found this blow up whale toy in the storage shed, and can't believe I haven't gotten out earlier - hours of entertainment!

We started a new tradition with the Rogan's - smores after a day of fun!!

I feel like a broken record here, but I can not believe how grown Emma is.  I say that with a smile and a tear, of course.

This is a short week, as Brent and I are headed to Ocracoke by ourselves later on for a long weekend trip:)  I am super excited, but fear I will be missing Emma and not enjoy it.  What's wrong with me????  Mommy guilt, I guess....  

A lot of friends are sending their kiddos back to school this week - some returning, and some for the first time - and I'm praying for yall!! 

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