Friday, August 21, 2015

Our Week

Emma and I are both fighting some nasty colds this week, so we have tried to lay low (as much as we can with it being the first week of school!)  Her's isn't really a cold - I have heard her cough a few times and can tell she's a bit stuffy but other than that, she's been fine.  Mine, on the other hand, has been awful.  Like - I can't breathe, my face hurts so bad that my teeth hurt - awful.  I finally turned a corner today, so we ventured out for some fun.  It didn't help that I had to work 10 hour days most of the week trying to get everything ready for students at work.  The first 2 weeks are always crazy, so I was expecting it and tried to rest as much as I could when I the opportunity arrived. Big shout out to my hubs for taking care of me at night:)

I have noticed this week how grown Emma has become.  I blink, and all of a sudden, she's washing dishes and putting silverware in the drawer correctly.  What the what??  I could get used to all this help!  But...where is my baby?!?!?!

And she can sit through a whole movie now - and understand what's going on.  Our new favorite is 101 Dalmations (the non-animated one).  We watch a little each night before bed.

Thursday night, I really wanted to do something fun with Emma....I had felt guilty about working so hard all week and then I was kind of a brat all day Wednesday with her (sometimes you just have those days where you're pretty much the worst parent ever...right?!?)  So we went to get ice cream after dinner at Maple View.

And then today, I decided we would go somewhere fun, anywhere.  I wanted something that didn't take up the whole day, and we had done Kidzu before, so I thought we would try Morehead Planetarium.  I hadn't been there since I was a kid, and they happened to have a Big Bird show this morning.  Emma did great, and I loved spending the time with her.

She wanted to sit with me:)
And then we visited the exhibits....which were short, but still fun.


And we had a blast playing at the sundial.  I remember doing this as a kid, and it made me smile watching Emma here.  It was beautiful outside too - windy and not too hot. 



I am reminded how fast time is flying, and how quickly the days go by.  I am so fortunate to be able to be with her and watch her grow.  But please, time, slow down!!  Let me enjoy these moments where she thinks I hung the moon and wants to be just like me:)

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