Thursday, April 9, 2015

Unexpected joy

For the second time in 3 weeks, I have managed to lock myself out of something.  First, it was my house, and my dad graciously came and rescued me.  But, Tuesday, I managed to lock myself out of my Target...with Emma.  There are WAY worse places to be stuck.  But I was tired, Emma was tired, I had not showered all day, and I had a house that desperately needed attention....

No one was able to rescue me for at least an hour....until my sweet husband left work early (not an easy thing to do) to come get us.

I almost cried several times - I was just stressed and the unexpected loss of precious, valuable time really hit me.  Then, Emma took my hand and led me to the toy aisle.  Well, really she just ran over there and I chased her...but nonetheless, I was reminded that sometimes I need a break.  

A break from the plans, the obsessive need to be controlling every moment.

We spent that hour being rock stars...and all of Target enjoyed my sweet daughter's serenading.  

Yes, I had to change my evening plans.  But I got to spend those minutes with Emma and enjoy an early night with Brent (who never gets home before 6:30).

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