Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter weekend

I write this post today filled with so much love and thankfulness for the gifts God has given me.  Too often, I get wrapped up in comparison and discontent...I think we all do.  I came away from Easter weekend filled with gratitude for all my family, friends, and even all my "things" that I really don't need or deserve.  One thing I am learning about Grace is that I sorely need it, can't earn it, and will never deserve it...but I am given it anyway.  I am pretty lucky that I have family around me who bestows the same on me.

Wednesday, I had a surprise day off of work due to a bomb threat at work (yes...seriously).  I was very glad to have the day to run some errands, clean my house, and relax a little.

Thursday, Emma and I went with my dad to Roxboro to get some sod.  I love a country drive, and we had a really good time.  It was beautiful up there, and Emma had a blast seeing the farm equipment and running around for a few minutes.

Getting the grass in!!

Friday, we headed to church for the Good Friday service.  It was especially good (it always is), and I am thankful to be able to attend. Emma has been a really good car rider lately, and loves music - especially country or Doc McStuffins on my phone.  She loves to yell, "louder" at me when songs come on.  I think she is either deaf, or has acquired my love of loud music:)

She also had a blast being outside after church.  We are loving this weather lately - there is nothing like being outside as the season warms up!

We were supposed to host Brent's parents for the weekend, but his mom got a nasty cold virus and opted not to come and expose us to it.  We missed them but were grateful that they did not share it with us!  It turned out to be a good weekend at home together - something we need more of.

Saturday morning there was an egg hunt at Emma's school.  It was very cold to start the day, but thankfully warmed up.

Here is Emma with her friend, Madison, whom she talks about non-stop!  They are like two peas in a pod!

I'm not gonna brag, but Emma's egg hunt game was pretty strong.  For someone who hasn't ever really done this before, she was pretty good.  I even had to tell her to stop so that other kids could have some eggs too (amateurs...)

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside.  Brent is building a shed in our backyard, and Emma and I did handprint crafts and painting.  It was beautiful outside, and really fun.  I am loving this age where Emma is gaining more and more independence, but also still wants to be around us.

The grandparents are getting one of these for Easter, and we will keep one for ourselves:)

I put together Emma's basket that night, and we snuck it in before we went to bed:)

Sunday morning, Emma slept in - something she rarely does.  Brent and I were both awake before 7, wanting to see her reaction when she woke up and saw the basket.  But princess decided to sleep late, so we kept trying to make a lot of noise to wake her.  Looking back, it was one of those small moments that I will always smile thinking of...Brent tramping down the stairs, being loud opening up kitchen giggling like teenagers...:)

When she finally did awake, she was super excited (as was Sunflower...whose tail photo-bombed about every picture)

Sadly, I got no pictures at church. I know...worst. parent. ever.

I did snag this family selfie in the car that afternoon.  We went to my parents for another egg hunt and dinner.

I had so much fun watching Emma find eggs all around my parent's house.  I remember doing the same as a the same spots in our yard.  To watch Emma create the same memories I did was priceless.

She would go all around the yard, and every time she found an egg, her face would light up and she was exclaim, "I found it!" like it contained a million dollars or something!  It was too cute, and such a good reminder that it really is the little things that mean so much.  To us, it's a cheap plastic egg with a jellybean in it...but to her, it was pure joy.

We had our classic pomegranate martinis, homemade guacamole, and grilled chicken legs for dinner.  It is our favorite summer meal.  We ate outside and had a blast together.

Emma normally prefers Brent whenever we are both around, so when she wanted to sit with me most of the night, I considered it a small victory and ran with it:)

I'm praying that I never forget how much these two mean to much I don't deserve their love, but they give it to me anyway...just like Jesus' gift on the cross.  Happy Easter, all!

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