Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Catching up

I called out another friend for being slack on her blogging lately, then realized I was just as guilty.  We are really enjoying fall and being together as a family lately.  Brent has been very busy at work with flu season, but he has managed to find lots of time for me and Emma.  We are fortunate to have great friends and family around us to spend time with, and I am grateful. About this time last year, I posted this....and as I read it this morning, I was reminded why I blog.  I needed a reminder today of slowing down and bring present in the moments God has created for me.  I need to document our lives so that I can be reminded of all that we have together, what He has allowed us to share as a family.  So, this is a long post on what we've been up to for the past 2 weeks, but I know I'll be excited to read it a year from now to see how much we've grown and changed.

Emma has become quite a good shopper.  About once a month, we go to the NICE Walmart in Morrisville and stock up on diapers, some groceries, and lately winter clothes for Emma.  Before you start judging, they have great kid's clothes and awesome prices.  I love their decor and crafts too:)

One night,we met the Winslows for a trip to Growler Girls.  These 2 had a blast hanging out at the bar:)

We managed to make it to another UNC game.  We decided to take Emma, even though the game did not start until 7pm.  She actually did really well, despite it being late.  We stayed past halftime, and enjoyed the cool evening (finally - football weather!).

Brent got to stay for the whole game, and Emma didn't understand why he wasn't coming home with us.  Being the slacker mom that I am, I felt bad and let Emma stay up even later so she could snuggle in mom and dad's bed and watch TV (and maybe take some cute pictures!)

And the next morning, our friend and neighbor, Clint, made it on the news from the game.  We are honored to have such royalty living next to us!

On days off, Emma and I usually run an errand and then go outside when it's nice.  We can walk to the park, and I am really enjoying doing so.  It's kind of nice not to lug around a stroller everywhere.  Emma can't walk long distances, but she is doing really well walking side by side with us.

On days when I work, we try and enjoy being outside in the driveway, waiting for Brent (or the neighbors) to get home and play with us!

Again, Emma is a great shopper...and even picked out a new headband for herself (her first, actually).  You know you are a girl mom when you get excited about your daughter wearing her first bow, ponytail, headband, etc...

Saturday morning, it was cool and brisk out, so we all headed to Duke Forest for a nature walk.  We walked about 2 miles, and Emma did great.  Going for walks out there is something Brent and I have been doing forever.  We even realized that morning, that it was 9 years ago this weekend that Brent and Daisy proposed to me on the very same trail.  I am hoping to spend some more time out there together...there's something so calming and rejuvenating about being outside away from the busyness of life.

Saturday night, we went on a date....woohoo!  We ate at Elaine's on Franklin, and it was delicious!!  We did the 3 course meal with wine pairing, and loved it.  Afterwards, we walked around Franklin Street, lamenting on all the store changes.  It's so crazy to think that I am now at the age where I say things like "man, do you remember when this was the [insert random store name]??"  It was a nice walk down memory lane...and I'm getting depressed just thinking that we are old enough to do that. 

Sunday, after church, we headed to the fair.  In hindsight, we were poor planners.  

Who goes to the fair on the last day, let alone a weekend day?!?  


 I'll tell you who...EVERYONE and their uncle. 

 I was sort of dreading it from the get go to be honest.  We have free tickets every year, and haven't used them since I was pregnant.  And I knew Emma was old enough to enjoy some of the things there.  We fought the crowds, the absence of Emma's nap, and the blinding sun...and managed to have fun anyway.  Emma rode the carousel twice, the giant slide twice, and the train once.  She was not quite tall enough for the other rides...most notably, the tea cups, which she really wanted to ride.  We were exhausted by the end of the 2 hours we spent there!

This picture above and below may need explaining.  I let Brent ride on the train with Emma so I could hold our stuff and take pictures.  They had a nice little seat all to themselves until the operator let this other family on and made them squish in next to Brent and Emma. 

Note: there was no line for this ride, and no need for that.  

It was a large lady (no judging) with a baby in a carrier, and her son.  Brent's not real keen on strangers, and I can't blame him!  I laughed the whole time, thinking of funny captions for this...

"Brent and his new mail-order family!"

"traded me and Emma in for this new hottie!!"

I could go on...but the part that made me the maddest was that I couldn't even see Emma anymore!

So if you've made it to end of this, you get this funny picture.  

Brent left Emma's backpack at home yesterday, and normally this isn't a big deal.  But it happened to have all of Emma's diapers for the week, so now she had none at school.  Naturally, they had to "borrow" diapers for Emma, which probably didn't fit well and she had an accident during naptime.  The backpack also happened to have her change of clothes.  So when Emma had her accident, she had no change of clothes, and got to wear these ratty ones from the communal closet.  

It sure gave me a laugh when I picked her up!  And I needed it after a Monday!

Hoping everyone has a great week....and Happy Halloween!!!!

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  1. Great to see you all yesterday!!! Love all the pics - she is a cutie!!!