Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer recap

Since I failed blogging 101 this month, I at least wanted to document all the fun things we did.  So, in a is what they Talley's have been up to this August!

***Warning...picture overload!!!

Some backyard pool fun to beat the heat.....

Many trips to the beach at Jordan Lake.....

A new found love for momma's shoes....

Giveaway win - Helen Ficalora!!

A trip to the Raleigh Farmer's Market....can't wait to go back!!

Rainy (but FUN!) weekends at Beaver Lake....

Another family day at the lake...

Snuggles with my cat, Painter...who has been sick for quite awhile:(

Getting organized with my Whitney English Day Designer planner...

Emma's first McDonald's Happy Meal!

Emma's first insistent clothes cowboy boots!

Watching Frozen for the 18,455,682nd time.

Heading out on our walk to Target...yes...Target.  The bridge over I-40 is finished and we can walk to Southpoint!

An impromptu date to see Nickel Creek!

A Durham Bulls game....

Saying goodbye to sweet Painter...he had an episode one night and was unable to move, so we knew it was time to let him rest:(

Another trip to Beaver Lake!

Maple View Farms with the Winslow's!

Helping mommy shop!

Hanging out at University mall while the car gets inspected...

Brent went offshore one weekend, so we have been eating some delicious dolphin tuna lately:)

If you made it to the bottom of this post, then surprise!!!  You win nothing, except a headache from starring at the screen too long...and maybe some smiles from seeing my sweet Emma-bear:)

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