Monday, June 2, 2014

Holiday and the start of Summer

We didn't have any special plans for Memorial Day weekend..which disappointed me because I LOVE going to the beach, but I was also glad to have a few days at home to hang out and get some things done!  Here's a snapshot of our week:)

I had Emma's Parent-Teacher conference earlier in the week, and we celebrated the "good report" with Menchies.  Many of you remember that I was really worried about Emma's speech a few months ago. She is really coming along and talking up a storm!  She is repeating everything (so I guess my sailor talk will have to go!), and saying simple phrases.  She's even connecting names with nouns now...the English major in me is so proud:)

One evening, it was beautiful out, so we snuck in some selfies:)

Emma is also learning how to stack and organize, and cleans up well too (thank you daycare!!).  Here, she stacked her playdoh, then knocked it over!  

I asked her to smile and say "cheese," and this is what I got - too cute!

We started off Memorial day weekend with a good laugh - my awesome husband got Emma dressed for the day...

After a change of clothes (on correctly, I might add), Emma and I headed over to Fridays on the Front Porch with some friends.  I thought it would be a calm evening, but it seems like NO ONE in Chapel Hill went out of town for the holiday. It was crazy packed.  I was supposed to meet some friends there, but there was no way I would ever find them.

I love her face int this one...I feel so loved:)

"Mommy! You need your face wiped!"

Saturday was gorgeous, and it wouldn't be a holiday weekend without a trip to Jordan Lake!  I got to ski (finally!) and we brought lunch for everyone.  It was a beautiful day - crowded - but beautiful!!  Emma didn't want to get in the water just yet, but she loved sitting on the platform!  We'll take anything!  In her defense - it was a bit chilly:)

That night, we met our good friends Justin and Cortney at Cowfish in North Hills.  It was delicious..and we always have the best time with them!

We were feeling left out because it seemed that everyone there that night was having a birthday (with the singing, gong, and lighted dessert), so we told the waiter that Justin and Cortney had just gotten back from their honeymoon (truth), so we shared a "Moose is loose" on the house:)  

 Monday was our chill day...and it was so nice to have the house clean and projects done (for now!)  My 4 day work week was much more manageable!

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