Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Girls weekend

Brent was out of town for work this past weekend, and I had a blast spending time with Emma.  Coincidentally, my parents were also out of town, so I was really solo for the weekend.  My dear friend, Jane, was an angel and came to spend the night with me.  I don't like to spend the night by myself, so I was super excited when she offered Friday afternoon.  We had a blast and I am truly grateful for her friendship.
Friday afternoon bubbles...Emma loves doing this!

Saturday evening, Jane made dinner for us and we walked to the park in her neighborhood.  Emma had a blast there - the slides were the perfect size and height off the ground, and we could slide double....she loved it!

Sunday morning, I decided I would take Emma to Jordan Lake to the beach out there.  I have been to Jordan Lake a gazillion times, but always in the boat.  So, I was excited to see what the beach would be like.
After we got dressed, I asked Emma to pose for a picture for daddy...this is what I got:)

We got to the lake around 10:30 and it was absolutely gorgeous out.  There was a slight breeze, low humidity, and the temperature was in the 80's.  As we were sitting in the car parking, Emma kept saying "get out!" and "beach!"

She loved it there and did a great job playing with me or by herself.  She never really made it past a few feet in the water...but loved the sand.  I can see us here pretty often in July if things at work pan out like they're supposed to.  There were even spots on the beach area that were shaded by trees...and I imagine during the week, no one is out there.

Emma and I had such an awesome time together this weekend, and I was really proud of myself.  Being a single mom all weekend can be hard...especially if you work a job or have been a stay-at-home mom all week.  Emma was an angel and I was truly sad when Monday rolled around.  I found myself wishing I were with her badly all day at work.  I am truly blessed to have her!

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  1. Happy Birthday Emma!! And where exactly is this Jordan Lake spot, send me some details when you get a chance. Looks awesome!