Monday, June 2, 2014

Eating out, selfies, and sleep advice....

I have another cold...ugh.  And the flip flop weather isn't helping.  The bad thing about this cold (or good...depending on how you think) is that it doesn't seem to get worse or better...just lingers.  It's mainly sinus pressure (runny nose, painful face, headache...). I guess it could be worse, so I'll keep loading up on drugs......does anyone know a good pharmacist?!?!

Needless to say, we didn't do anything too special this weekend.  Brent had to work Saturday, so Emma and I ran errands during the day together.  That night, Brent and I dropped Emma off at my parents for an early drink and appetizer "adult" time.  We decided to try out Top of the Hill's Back Bar, since we had seen it on Flavor, NC (I love PBS local tv!).  I had one of the best bloody mary's ever, and Brent tried their beer and some other sort of whiskey drink.  We had the place to ourselves (because NO ONE goes to bars before 8pm and NO ONE was in downtown Chapel Hill this weekend).  We also played pool - sort of.....neither one of us is very good.  But we had a great time just being together.  We rarely go out just the 2 of us, so we are trying to make it more of a habit.

Sundays are always full days with church, but we decided to try out a new pizza place we noticed in downtown Chapel Hill that evening.  It was absolutely gorgeous outside, and we loved it.  We sat in the fancy seats, and Emma loved it. She did much better that if we were to be at a traditional table and chairs. Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom is awesome, and we can't wait to go there again!

The obligatory mommy-daughter selfies!

Afterwards, we headed to get some froyo.......

I love the way Emma is so content on dad's shoulders....I think she would stay there for miles if we tried.

We had a great time being together as a family.  I feel so blessed that we can enjoy this time together and that Emma is such a sweet natured toddler.  I am hoping the terrible two's decide to skip over us...... (wishful thinking???)

On a side note...Emma is having a really hard time winding down in her crib lately.  She doesn't cry or call for us (thank you, Lord!), but she will play and sit up and climb all around with her stuffed animals for over an hour.  This just started in the past week.  I have started going in there once and tucking in her again and telling her it's night-night time.  I guess since she is not crying or having a tantrum, I shouldn't really complain, but it's nerve-wracking going to sleep before your toddler is.  Also, we can't really let her sleep in the next day, since we both have to go to work.  This morning, I didn't get to see her because I had to leave and she wasn't up yet (cue the tears).  We have tried watching TV to wind down, reading books (the normal routine), and even letting her stay up later to see if that wears her down.  She still naps about 2 hours a day, and if she doesn't, she's a bit cranky all afternoon. Any suggestions?  Should I even be complaining (I know other parents out there have it FAR worse...)  Hopefully, I will be working less in the next month (yippee) and this won't be much of an issue.  But feel free to leave your two cents here!

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