Friday, January 31, 2014


This girl loves her some snow - I can't get enough of it.  One day I will live somewhere where we actually get snow more than once every 3 years.  

This was Emma's first snow, and I was super excited for her.  I already had her long underwear, ski bib pants, and accessories all ready!

After 30 minutes of getting it all on, we were ready!

Emma wasted no time and had no problems running around in the snow.

She actually kept the mittens on the whole time we were out...a true miracle if you ask me.

Mommy - daughter snow selfie!!!

"Let's go for a walk, mom!"

My sweet dad came over and brought us the sled.....and Bailey from next door joined in on the fun!

She could have ridden around in the sled all day...a great workout for me!

"Hold on!!"


Brent had to go into work that morning, but surprised us around 11:30!  He called me as we were outside and I looked down the street and saw a truck coming towards us.  I didn't think it was him because the truck was so dirty!  I was elated to have him home to share this day with us!!

Of course, I can't get all three of them to look at the camera at once...all while I pull Emma round on the sled..but I was so grateful to have these guys with me!

Coloring on the couch - I rarely let Emma do this as even "washable crayons" have their faults.

I taught Emma several dance moves over the week - and honestly, some of them I saw on Sesame Street (this ain't the Big Bird show you grew up with anymore!)  Here she is with her hands in the air (like raise the roof), saying "whoop whoop!"  

We had an awesome day - filled with homemade snow cream from the Winslows, several outside sledding trips, a fire in the fireplace, some knitting during naptime:), homemade chicken barley soup and bread, and some leftover Hayes Barton cake for dessert.  I could not have asked for a better snow day!!

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