Friday, January 31, 2014

Rolling by....

Life has been rolling by these days.....we all survived being sick (thank God mine was only a few days, whereas Brent was sick for over a week).  Emma has been a lot of fun lately (like always), and I just LOVE spending time with her.

One Saturday morning, we ventured out to the mall to get some wiggles out.  I was loaded up on Sudafed and Advil, and was feeling super energetic (until, of course, they wore off at about lunch time).

Stuffing our faces with cinnamon sugar pretzel bites...

Emma signing "more!"

being a super big girl and drinking out of a straw cup

Later that afternoon, Emma had a meltdown when Sunny started taunting her was super cute watching her start to melt into sadness when Sunflower laid all over her artwork!

Monday was MLK day and I decided to spend the day with her, instead of take her to daycare (mom of the year, right?!?!)  I get to spend such little time with her as it is, and although I desperately could have used some me time, some clean time, and some down time.....I have no regrets about letting those things aside.
My mom came over and we all walked to the park - it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  Then, my bestest friend, Corrie and her husband, Chris, came over for a visit and dinner.  I loved spending time with them, and loved seeing Emma play with them.

hugs for Corrie!!
cut slits in tenderloin, put apple slices into slits, drizzle with honey and top with cinnamon, add onion slices on top. i added extra apple slices around the pork and a little apple juice. 3-4 hours on low setting in the crockpot.
I made this pork tenderloin in the crock pot for was so delicious that I made it again the next weekend:)

The next weekend, we had a date night to Venable - after my recent blog post on how awesome this place was, I had friends all wanting to go there (it made this girl feel pretty loved!), so if the Nelson's were only in town for a week and a half, we were going there!  It was always!

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