Tuesday, January 7, 2014

a NEW year

I have no real, exciting news to share this year...and I'm totally fine with that.  Brent and I went to dinner this time around and crashed as soon as we got home.  Something about being a parent makes you completely and utterly exhausted at around 8pm.  How others seem to stay up for the midnight festivities is beyond me...please share your secrets...I long to be cool again.

We wanted something low key - we flirted with going all out and spending the night away, but decided at the last minute to just stay home for the night after dinner.  We went to Venable in Carrboro, and it was AMAZING.  I had wanted to eat there for a long time because it looked so cute inside.  It's not too stuffy, has delicious, local food, and a warm atmosphere.  The service was excellent and they ran a New Year's menu special, complete with Prosecco (my favorite!)

These photos are courtesy of their Facebook page, except for the one that looks out of place....I took that one.  I also didn't turn off the flash on my phone so when I took it, everyone turned around in horror staring at me, thinking "who is this lame-o taking pics of her food....what a morooon!"

I couldn't find any pictures of our entrees (like you care), but I had the sea scallops - which were the largest, most flavorful, tender scallops I have ever had.  Brent had the beef tenderloin and it literally melted in my mouth when I tasted it.  It was by far one of the best meals I had eaten in a long time.

clearly...my photo...duck confit salad with bacon and fried cane creek egg atop....

the professional photo...

Brent had shrimp gorgonzola for his appetizer....I was too busy inhaling mine that I forgot to ask for a taste...

This picture does not do the dessert justice...warm, sweet toffee pudding with candied walnuts and homemade vanilla ice cream.  

If y'all get a chance, I definitely recommend it.  I am already planning another trip back soon.

As for New Year's resolutions, I am constantly setting goals for myself, and rarely attaining them...but giving them a shot this year...a real shot (again.).  I thought I would jot some down to document here.....and in hopes that it makes me more accountable because they are official...on the internet...can't be erased ever...right?

1. confession:  I stress a lot.  I probably have an undiagnosed anxiety problem if we are being honest.  I say this with the hope that maybe some of you can relate, and it will help you feel like you are not alone.  I also say it because it feels good to get it out (at least now you can stop wondering what's wrong with me...I've admitted it!)  I stress heavily over things that are out of my control - being sick is a big one.  I stress so much that it affects me physically.  Having a child has certainly made it worse.  Working full time and being a mom has sent me overboard, for sure.  My goal this year is to really work on it, and without the heavy reliance on medications.  I don't take anything for them daily anyway, but I do carry around a Xanax or two....just in case.  I know others might take my anxiety as me being rude in some situations, but I promise it's nothing personal.  And I am vowing to work on it this year.

2. confession: I don't exercise. AT. ALL.  I have gone to a gym twice since Emma was born.  I get winded cleaning the house.  I will most assuredly pass out on my first slalom pass this summer if I don't get my act together.  I also know this well help my stress, and also my health.  I feel frumpy...like I am one of those old ladies with no muscle and all skin -hanging down everywhere.  I don't want to be a body builder, but I do need some sort of physical activity to keep me healthy.  I just have to fit this one in....it seems like there is NO time for anything extra in my week.

3. confession: I miss my friends.  I have never been the kind of person to surround myself with lots and lots of girlfriends.  I would much rather have 2-3 that I can really count on and be close with.  Lately, I have really missed these friendships.  I read recently on another bog that friendships are so much harder to cultivate as adults (starting in college) - there's more baggage (for lack of a better term), and they take so much longer to establish - which is hard for impatient people.  I really related to this - it seems like we have so much to contend with - spouses, children, jobs, past friendships - when trying to establish new ones.  I also admit that social media makes it easier to "keep up" with people.  This good, and bad.  It takes away our need to actually reach out and call them, or god-forbid...see them IN PERSON.  If I actually spent half as much time physically spending time with my friends as I did thinking about it (or looking at their facebook pictures), then I'd be in good shape:)

4. confession: I am pretty crafty.  No...really, I am.  I am no Martha Stewart, but I used to pride myself on the things I was able to create (knitting scarves, sewing, making necklaces, and other odds and ends).  This creative outlet needs to come back in my life - it's deeply satisfying and the process of doing it is healthy for me.

5. confession:  I have way tooooo much stuff.  I desperately need to downsize and de-clutter my life.  This goes for home and work.  At work, I have a hard time because I literally need to drop everything at 4:30 and get ready to walk out the door - so it's difficult to "wrap" up the office at the end of the day.  Throw in several student walk-ins at any time, and I get really disorganized quickly.  I can barely finish emails in one sitting without getting interrupted.  I also am very visual - I write everything down - so there is a steady stream of papers on my desk at all times.  I also have a lot of "stuff" at home, and I really want to just get down to the bare necessities of what I really need and LOVE.  I don't need the mounds of jewelry I currently own - and I don't wear half of it.  Part of this comes from working retail for almost 3 years, where the discount was so amazing, you were crazy NOT to buy it.  But it's overwhelming now, and I know it just adds to my stress (can you tell I am a type A?)

I also vow to stop judging myself and comparing myself to others...we are so harsh on ourselves.  If only I could see myself the way Emma sees me...I love these pics:)

Of course, I want to be a better mother, wife, daughter, etc..... those go without saying.  I want to enjoy every minute with my family, not miss even one of Emma's smiles or tantrums.  When things don't go my way or as planned, I want to just enjoy the change, see what greatness it brings that I wasn't expecting, and not harp on how I thought it was going to be.  I wish everyone a most wonderful of years in 2014 - make it great, don't sit around waiting......


  1. Let's catch up on #3 and #4 together! My dining room is nothing but Craft Central these days with jewelry making and painting. It's way more fun to do it with friends! Not to mention, you have an amazing sense of style and I need that to rub off on me! Miss you!

    1. Yes and yes! I've been meaning to text you - hope your week has gone better:) Totally relate to the "sick" thing...I am paranoid about stomach bugs...paralyzing fear. Lunch before January is over - new goal?!

  2. Ummm, I basically love everything about this post! I totally agree that Venable is delicious! Ate there a few times before we moved and loved it! I can relate to each and every one of your goals. I, too, stress about everything, miss my craft time and need to work on the friend front. I can tell you from having to downsize to move to NYC -- the process is awful, the end result is amazing! So much better to have less stuff. Trust me!

    1. Thanks, Regan - I remember reading about your goals of downsizing and secretly wish I was "moving" so I had real motivation to threaten me!! Hope you are enjoying snow and winter...if having snow could be a goal, I'd be on it!!!!

  3. I LOVE venable! we should go together sometime and that will accomplish the friend thing! Boom! Done and done. xoxo

  4. I have been wanting to do Venable! This post made my mouth water. Lets get a dinner date on the books!