Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer vaca #2

We took off for the beach for round two last week...and had a blast once again!  We got an awesome deal on a house right off Front Street in Beaufort, and it was perfect.  We parked the boat at the docks, and walked everywhere. Here's a snapshot of our trip.....we are already planning another one soon!

 Emma slept almost the whole way down there, which was great.  Nothing beats a good car ride, listening to some good tunes, relaxing....

 Emma had her own porch chair!  These rockers were awesome!  There is something about sitting outside at the beach that's so relaxing.  It's just too hot in Durham to ever sit outside.ever.  This was also a primo spot for people watching.  Beaufort Grocery and Blue Moon are just up the street, so it was fun to watch everyone walking to dinner.

 Not too enthused on the first boat ride Friday morning...but she quickly caught on!  At Shackleford, Emma had the BEST time playing in the water and sand.  

 I'm pretty sure Emma is eating sand here...

Because every gal needs a bow in her hair!

Emma did awesome with her naps!  She fell asleep on the boat almost every time, and also on the beach.  It really made life so much easier.  She was also super happy and laid back the whole trip.  She slept great the whole trip and rarely fussed.  Maybe we should live here all the time???

There is nothing like a sleeping angel on your chest...

Emma likes to ride in the wagon like this.  Every. time.  It's a bit unnerving....it's really not ladylike:)

This smile pretty much sums up Emma on the whole trip...love her!

The views on the boat of Carrot Island were awesome...

My favorite part of the trip was Saturday night on the porch with sweet girl.  It was pretty windy all weekend, which made for some funky hairstyles, but we had a blast just laughing together:)

The Barta Billfish tournament was going on in Beaufort while we were there, so all the fishing boats were docked there.  I even got to see an old ski bud, who now fishes most of the time on his 55' Jarrett Bay, Builder's Choice...I can't blame him, really.

When we got home, I turned the corner in the hall to see this...guess someone is ready for another trip down there!


  1. What a fun trip for just you and your sweet family! Love that angel face of her sleeping on your chest! Those really are the best naps, and few and far between at their age! I hope you enjoyed your sweet family time!

  2. Lucky lady! I love her wagon ride style. :)