Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A few days off...

We had a few days off for the Fourth...and it was nice, but we didn't do anything too exciting.  We are planning a beach trip next week in hopes of avoiding the mass exodus of vacationers over the holiday.

Emma sporting her fireworks outfit earlier in the week.

Trying out our new Yepp bike seat!

Ice cream!

Of course she likes chocolate!

I'm pretty sure I will NEVER tire of her wanting to hold my hand:)

We are loving our new camera, and love getting these action photos of her:)

I get to see this smiley face EVERY morning....she wakes up in such a great mood every day.

a little sun bathing....a cold one....and a snack in her new chair!

helping wash the truck....

and tasting to make sure the wash is suitable...

tailgating with grampa...nothing beats a cold beer, a tailgate, and family

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