Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I haven't been too good at documenting Emma's "firsts"...although I promise I scream and yelp and clap like crazy whenever she does do something new for the first time (or whenever she does ANYTHING really..I am a bit bias!)
I took Monday off this week to just unwind from the beach trip and try to unpack/organize/decrease the chaos in my house.  I hated taking Em to school, but knew I had to get stuff done.  Over the weekend she had loved Eli's toy trucks and cars, so I had decided she would be getting some of these.  I asked her teachers if there were any other toys she especially liked, and I found out that Em loves the baby dolls.  So I went to Big Lots (first time!) and found both items for great prices!  When I went to pick her up from school, her teacher also informed me that Emma had her fist fight today.  Fight isn't the best term, but she did hit another child over a toy.  This is totally normal, I know. But I was so mixed with emotion.  I had missed her all day and was so proud of how well she did on our trip and just how great she is in general, then I came to find out that she was "mean" to another kid. To make matters worse, I had bought her toys to give her that night! (Not that she would equate the toys with any behavior earlier in the day...but still, it felt wrong!).  Emma also hit the one child in the class that she is always nice to.  There is one little boy who has down syndrome, and Emma is always so sweet to him and shares really well with him, even when the other kids don't...except for today.  I remember gloating about how Emma was so great and she was so nice to this little boy....I guess I needed a little humility.  Sigh....I know it's gonna happen and my kid really isn't perfect...but man, it still stings.

"I wonder if Ms. Alicia told mom about my tantrum today....."

"Instead of hitting my classmates, I will pull out this doll's hair!"

"...and put her in a choke hold!"

"maybe strangle her...."

"and then run around like a crazy person clinching my new doll!"

P.S.  Em also had her first rash this week....apparently just the end of her nasty cold virus.  But for a minute, they were worried it was strep throat (phew!!!)  We also did NOT hear her heart murmur at the doctor last night!!! Woo-hoo!  I know they can come and go, and they are not serious, but it's a relief that it was not present yesterday!

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