Monday, July 29, 2013


We've had a hard time with church lately.  For starters, we've been out of town.  But it's also been hard because church is right in the middle of Emma's nap time.  I've definitely missed part of church riding around because Emma fell asleep on the way there, and I wanted to make sure she got in some sort of nap.  This Sunday, Emma got in about 30 minutes before church, but really needed way more. She was tired and was not having anything to do with the nursery (it did not help that there were 3 other SCREAMING toddlers in there) I tried walking out 3 times, then gave up.  Brent and I took turns chasing her down the enormous halls of CGS...and honestly, I didn't mind.  The things about being a working mom is that I tend to feel guilty about NOT being with her on the weekends when I am off work.  I did get to hear most of the sermon, so it was not a total bomb.  Plus, we had a blast after church just playing in the sanctuary. and I seemed to be on the same page with our seersucker and High Cotton that day:)

To all the moms out there, if you have any suggestions on handling the nap vs. church thing...fill an amateur in!  I miss going to church, but her missing a nap (she seems to really fight it if we wait too late in the afternoon...which leads to a rough afternoon) is hard on a Sunday for us!

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