Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Big Week

I apologize in advance for the poor quality pictures - I desperately need a "real" camera.  As Emma is moving more and more, the iphone just doesn't capture here anymore, and the flash is so delayed.  If anyone has any suggestions on something simple and cheap....let me know!  

I have so much to catch up on...it's only been a week, but it was a BIG week.  First, Emma had a fever and cold Monday last week.  I had to pick her up early from daycare and take her to the doctor...only for them to tell me that nothing was notably wrong and she would just ride it out.  I REALLY hate it when they say that. If my child has a fever of 102.8 then something IS wrong, and I want to know what it is.  Emma is a really good sick baby - she really doesn't fuss much at all and I can't tell a whole lot of difference in her behavior except for her burning hot body and forehead.  Mondays are the worst days for doctor visits - it's always a zoo on those days. Waiting with a squiggly 10 month old is not easy anymore.  Thankfully, we spent most of our time waiting in the exam room and not in the petri dish room.

The only thing that keeps this girl busy is my jewelry. 
I had some things at work the next 2 mornings that I could not get out of...so naturally, I took Emma to work with me.  I officially earned my crazy lady award.  Being a working mom is hard enough, but trying to be a working and a mom AT THE SAME TIME was insane.  Luckily, it was only for 2 mornings, and Brent took her one day on his lunch break.  But honestly, we got through it, and I LOVED showing her off to my students and co-workers:)

A new bear from Mama Sheri!

Making new friends....Sarah is graduating this Saturday and is SOO awesome....In will miss her!

Daddy took Emma for her first Chickfila nuggets!  Of course, she loved them!  If you are ever in Cameron Village, you must go to the Chickfila there...2 stories and super nice!

We stayed home the next few days, as Emma would have a fever in the morning, and then it would go away at night. This was so odd because usually fevers spike at night, but she was happy and acting normal so we just carried on as usual.  I was happy to get to spend the time with her too, even if it meant missing work.  We went to the mall, played outside (when we could...this weather stinks!), and went for walks.

We waited outside for dad to get home each night.

"Mom, are you coming??"

Love me some snuggles!!!

"Oh wait...another picture??? I wasn't ready!"

New obsession - toilet flushing. I walked out of the bathroom to hear her flushing over and over....

zonked out on one of our walks.....

The only fussy day this child has ever had...Friday she woke up crying and unhappy, but without a fever.  This was so rare..she is never in a bad mood in the morning.  We tried to go to Target...and this meltdown occurred.  It was so out of character for her.  Thank God she is not like this all the time....

Friday, my aunt and uncle came to visit my parents, and I was so excited.  They come twice a year because they live in Maine and Florida.  We had such a blast with them...it was a super busy weekend and we were going all the time, but it really was fun.

Uncle Dick and Aunt Paula!

Loving the fountain at Meadowmont!

Hamming it up in Southern Season!

We went out to the Fearrington - a great day trip.  There is a  bird in one of the shops there and Emma was fascinated by it.

We had brunch after church at the Carolina Inn.....Emma had a blast running up and down the long hallways.

Saturday night, I went out to Raleigh to celebrate a dear friend's 30th birthday, and also splurged on a manicure.  It was so nice to get pampered and go out to eat sans kid.  I had been with Emma by myself the whole week (Brent even worked Saturday), so I was really grateful!

Happy 30th Corrie!! 

Sunday, Emma moved up to the next Nursery room - Toddler 1.  She LOVED this room and all the fun toys.  

Snack time!!!

"Stop taking my cheerios or else!!!"

We finished up the weekend with pomegranate Margaritas and homemade guacamole at our house Sunday night.  Despite all the running around, missing work, bad weather, and sickness - last week and weekend were one of the best I've had in a long time!

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  1. So stinkin' cute...even the Target meltdown! And I totally saw Brent in the VW one day around lunch coming from Peace. I would have blown the horn and waved like a maniac if he wouldn't have thought I was a crazy loon! Loving those little nursery tables with the seats inside. Genius!