Thursday, May 9, 2013

You'll need a hero, and a good dog...especially a good dog....on the journey of your life

I have loved this song for awhile....I heard it on my iTunes today while working and immediately was overwhelmed with emotion.  This sing came out not too long after our sweet Daisy passed away, so every time he talks about "a good dog," I tear up.  I think now about all the precious memories we COULD have had if Daisy had been alive to see Emma.  

I see her snuggling up with her, them both following each other around, and so on.  I miss Daisy like crazy, and still feel horrible that her life had to be cut short. 

Our awesome Student Services staff at work brought in Rescue dogs for students to come visit during exams (how cute is that?), and I flocked to this beautiful golden.....and was fighting back tars like crazy.  It's amazing what that pitiful stare from big brown eyes can do to your soul....

So here's to first baby girl.  
Words can't describe how much you were loved, and missed now.  


  1. I remember you going through that difficult time during Daisy's last weeks! No doubt she was loved like crazy and she knew it! I saw on FB that Peace was bringing in rescue dogs for exam week! What a great idea. Had I still been working there, I can assure you I would have spent all day down there! Miss you!

    1. Miss you too...keep an eye out on your mailbox for E's bday party invite:)
      Lunch soon???

  2. Omg- read the post I just put up today! We are in sync today I guess!