Thursday, May 23, 2013


Life......a sampling of what's on my mind these days...

1. I am loving summer hours at work (off at 4:30 during the week, and 3 on Friday).  It gives me a chance to run an errand or get Emma early.  But as much as I love this, I long for summer's off.  I wonder if my life will ever be as carefree as it used to be in the, sun, play, repeat.  Does anyone else ever wish they were 12 again??

2. Emma had her first parent-teacher conference this week, and of course, she is doing awesome.  They go over a checklist of development milestones and have listed the dates when she completed or first showed sign of them (another reason I am thankful for her teachers...I'm not organized as a stay at home mom to be able to keep that kind of record!).  As I left the conference, I got to watch Emma do music time in her classroom....I am so thankful she loves daycare and that I can work feeling good about where she is.

3. We are going to the beach this weekend and I am super stressed. We had planned to go a month ago, but the weather has been awful, so we postponed it.  I didn't realize this was a holiday weekend, and I really dislike the beach during these times - too many peeps.  I think I am trying to get used to the fact that there aren't really vacations with kids anymore....or so they say.  I am running around crazy trying to pack, and it seems like there is SO much to take now.  Any hints, suggestions, words of advice, encouragement, prayers, humorous stories, etc.. are all welcome:)

4.  I can't get enough time with these sweet cheeks.....she's such a joy to be around, and the best part is, God trusted ME to be her blessed:)


  1. Have so much fun at the beach! Just remember Emma, everything else you can buy when you get there! :) Love that they have parent/teacher conferences and go over her milestones. I wish our center did this!!!

  2. And Emma is blessed to have you as a mom! Hav fun at the beach!