Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Have I mentioned how awesome Emma is lately? Well, she is. I have a somewhat biased opinion, but she is awesome and I think you should agree with me. Our little monkey is 4 months old. I have loved every single second with her..and I mean that. Even the seconds where she is screaming or fussy. And that isn't saying a whole lot about me and how great I am for loving her through those hard moments because honestly, this child is a dream. Yes, she has fussy times, but they are rare. She has taught me so much about my attitude and life that I can't imagine it any other way. I only hope that I can be half as easy going and happy as she is.

Take today for example, she smiled the entire time at the doctor's office...even though she has a ferocious cold (3rd one since starting daycare), and got 4 shots. Yes, she cried/screamed bloody murder when the needles poked her chubby thighs, but after a few seconds of being held and kissed (and a little bottle), she was back to her smiley self. I dropped her off at daycare (reluctantly) and she was as happy as a clam. I got a phone call around 4:15 saying that poor Miss Emma had a fever of 100.9. I knew it was a result of the shots, but still I was in panic mode. I couldn't drive fast enough. I'm pretty sure I ran about 5 people off the road on Wade Ave ( was an emergency, right?!) I got to daycare, expecting to find that Emma had been screaming all afternoon, inconsolable, and teary eyed. I expected Miss Cheryl and Jean to be totally pissed at me for even bringing her after the shots and cursing me under their breath. I walk in and Miss Sunshine is laying on the rug, playing, smiling, having a grand ole time. I kneel down to kiss her and her whole face lights up, as if to say, "Hey Mom! I'm fine, but I sure am glad you are here. I missed you!"

I mean honestly, I wish I could be half the person Emma is. At only 4 months, she sure has it figured often, love big, and let the small things roll off.

I love this girl with all my heart.  I am beyond blessed that God has chosen me to love her.

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