Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin shopping..

This year, we went to three four pumpkin patches. Yes, I know....a bit obsessive. But I am sort of a pumpkin snob and I know exactly what I want. I started a new tradition last year that has made my life soooo much easier. I LOATHE carving out a's messy, time consuming, and really annoying. Part of my problem was that I was carving out 2-3 pumpkins every year...and trying to be Martha Stewart with fancy designs.  One neighbor even called my pumpkins "Kate Spade" pumpkins....a title I am proud was mine!  But I finally stole my parents ceramic, already lit up, just plug it in pumpkin last year.  And we started doing all kinds of gourds and fancy/weird pumpkins that do not get carved on the doorstep.  Plus, those things can stay out until Thanksgiving for the full fall decor effect.
So....that's why our search led us to 4 different pumpkin patches. I desparately tried to get a good picture of me and Emma on our trips.  I dressed her in cute outfits (and loved the fact that it was cool and she would need to bundle up).  But she is not really into pictures these days.  She smiles non-stop, but as soon as I whip out the camera phone, she goes into "I will not smile!" mode.  Hope that's not an indication of future defiant behavior:)
Here are a few attempts.....
"This is so embarassing...I hope none of my friends see me."

"The real question is...where is my bottle?"

"Hey guys....check out that pumpkin over there!"

We finally got one that says a lot about both of us...I am smiling, and Emma is sticking her tongue out.  Alright, alright!  No more pictures...we give up:)

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