Thursday, November 1, 2012


It has been a rough couple of weeks....last week I had a stomach bug/food poisoning...I say the latter because no one else around me managed to get it.  Lucky me, I have not thrown up since 2000 (yes, I escaped pregnancy and delivery without vomitting), but I literally wanted to die Sunday night.  I was out for 2 days, and then Emma had a slight fever later in the week so I had to drive all the way back to Durham, take her to the doctor only to find that she is teething and fine, and then take her to work with me in Raleigh....I might be getting a few more grey hairs just reliving that week of hell.  So this is my first normal week, and I love that we had an excuse to wear 2 outfits in one day ( ended up being Halloween daycare outfit, 2 outfit changes at daycare due to blowouts:), one cutesy/super impractical Halloween outfit, and then jam jams!)

Here is our week in pictures...enjoy!

Emma's first day of work....she had a blast rolling all over the floor of my office, then finally was rocked to sleep in her carseat.  It was not until that point that I could actually get some work done....

Because mid-rift and bare belly is in these days......

Someone looks like her daddy!

I love this one...she was too busy smiling and making new noises!  Every week she makes a new sound and it is sooo funny to hear her do it all the time!

"hey...when do I get to go panhandle for some candy?"

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