Monday, April 17, 2017

Long time no see!!!!

I have completely fallen off the blog wagon.  Sometimes, I lay in bed after I am up with Merritt and think about posts and how I need to just get up right then and there and start up again.  I certainly take enough pictures...I just never seem to have 2 hands free long enough to type and upload pictures.  Alas....I am going to try again...because I do enjoy it and I want to document our life, you know, in case someone wants to read it later:)

Merritt is over 4 months old now and really growing a lot.  She still gets up once a night, but she is only up eating for about 30 minutes or so, then sleeps fine.  We did go through a week or so of sleep regression.  Jesus take the wheel.  It was awful - she would only sleep for about 1-2 hours at a time.  I prayed very hard during those nights and days for strength and patience.  I knew she would grow out of it, and instead of praying that she would sleep, I prayed for God to give me the tools I needed to handle it.  Surprisingly, I stayed positive, and we all made it through.  It was a challenge, and I know it might happen I'll keep praying for patience and strength:)

Emma loves Merritt...and Merritt's eyes light up and follow Emma whenever she is in the room.  I am excited to see this bond grow!

We spend a TON of time outside.  Emma could play on her playset all day if I let her, and the weather has been phenomenal lately.  Brent built a workshop table, 2 stools, and a table for his porch.  I love our little set up out here.

Merritt slept through the night ONCE, and then went into her sleep regression.  For a short while, I was worried that there was a correlation between me not drinking wine and Merritt sleeping.  Thank God that was not positive, because I don't know what's worse - not sleeping, or not drinking wine!

Merritt and I take a lot of selfies, and neither one of us looks particularly awesome in many of them:)

One thing we are working on is napping in the crib.  One afternoon, she napped for 2 hours.  It was glorious.  But most of the time, it's only for 30 minutes.  Most of her naps are on the go in the car - that's just our life.  I don't mind...I'll take her on an errand or walk and she typically falls right asleep in her carseat.  She's even fallen asleep in the stroller sitting back also. Whatever it takes!

Emma loves to push Merritt in the swing:)

Tummy time - I don't do it as much as I should, but she is really strong.  She can almost sit up without a ton of support.

Merritt is also great at grocery shopping....we have yet to have a super big meltdown when she is in this thing!

4 month comparison - Merritt on the right, Emma on the left.  I see some similarities, but I definitely don't think they are twins.  Merritt's hair is much lighter and I think she is chunkier:)

I took Emma to Alamance Crossing to get a new pair of rainboots.....yes, far.  But we love Hunter rain boots and I think they are well worth the money.  Emma has had 3 pairs so far and she wears them in every season.  She had to have pink, and I didn't know her size...and the only place that had them was in Alamance, so we packed up after school one day and went over.  It's a fun daytrip - there's a lot of shops, a small park, and a Brixx pizza.

Merritt had a diaper fail right before we left...probably when we took this picture.  Maybe I need to start packing an extra outfit for myself too (eyeroll)

Merritt hasn't gone in the nursery yet for church, but I don't mind.  One Sunday, we chilled on the chairs and listened from there.

My sweet mom got the girls matching National Championship photos and Emma was pumped about hers.  My mom will pick up Emma once a week and do something fun with her, and will come over whenever I ask for help.  It's been really great, and I am very thankful.

For now, that's life!  I have lots of posts scheduled, so check back!

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